All We Love We Leave Behind
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
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2012 Ratings: #29 / 928
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2012 Ratings: #42
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No Ripcord

AWLWLB is the sound of a legendary band coming to full terms with who they are, giving them the power to take everything that’s made them distinct and pushing those qualities as far as they can go in one unified statement.

Consequence of Sound

With the release of All We Love We Leave Behind, Converge has once again displayed its uncanny ability to create an album as skull-cleaving as it is beautiful.


AWLWLB is an example of building on and mastering the music you loved when you were younger-- something that became more than music, ultimately-- so that it has a chance to grow old with you without becoming any less vital.

A.V. Club

While All We Love lacks cohesion in spots, it solidifies Converge’s position as one of hardcore’s most progressive yet soulful stalwarts.

Drowned in Sound

All We Love We Leave Behind retains the fire of Jane Doe and harnesses everything they’ve learned since, combining to create something unrelenting, brutal, and never short of magnificent.


In its totality, this release manages to defy comparison to past albums by keeping this band’s relentless passion for their art burning bright for all to see right up until the very end.


Though dependably abrasive, anthems of doomed youth just aren’t as brilliantly nihilistic when they sound like they’ve got AC/DC’s Angus Young on guitar. 

Dec 12, 2017
Better stuff to there
Aug 9, 2017
best since Jane Doe
Dec 9, 2016
Converge prove they're still very much on point on both songwriting and technical values with their latest, AWLWLB. Even after all these years, the power of youth doesn't seem to be left out of their heavy-as-hell, though incredibly emotive songs, and the result is a marvellous piece of vintage-style metalcore. To craft something as powerful and anthemic as this record at such a late career-stage is definitely not an everyday achievement on veteran acts' paths.
Aug 6, 2016*
Man, this thing surprised the fuck out of me, didn't really know too much about Converge but man I love this shit! Some of the most explosive and intense metal music to have released this decade. This shit sounds super passionate, a lot of craft and emotion clearly went into it, the songwriting here is just great, lyrically and structurally these tracks are also very impressive to me. Don't even get me started on Kurt Ballou's immaculately crisp production on this thing aswell. My only issue is ... read more
Dec 1, 2012
Aimless Arrow is really good, but the rest just doesn't strike me. Metal continues to evade my taste.
#46/Pitchfork Readers
Track List
  1. Aimless Arrow 
  2. Trespasses 
  3. Tender Abuse 
  4. Sadness Comes Home 
  5. Empty on the Inside 
  6. Sparrow's Fall 
  7. Glacial Pace 
  8. No Light Escapes (bonus) 
  9. Vicious Muse 
  10. Veins and Vails 
  11. Coral Blue 
  12. Shame in the Way 
  13. On My Shield (bonus) 
  14. Precipice 
  15. All We Love We Leave Behind 
  16. Runaway (bonus) 
  17. Predatory Glow

Added on: August 28, 2012