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Self-explanatory: These are the 50 albums released in 2021 (That I've heard), that I enjoyed the most! While Mixtapes and Live albums will be given the ok, no EPs, Compilations or Reissues will. Even ...
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Updated 2mo ago9 albums
Ranking dos lançamentos mensais ouvidos
Updated 1mo ago56 albumsRanked
Updated 2mo ago31 albums 1
Every LP from 2021 that I listened to. Ranked.
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Updated 3w ago475 albums
Updated 12h ago128 albums 1
shit i need to listen to for the first time/ again
Updated 4d ago674 albums
Updated 4d ago432 albums
https://rateyourmusic.com/list/grnhll/2021/ 2021 EP's list: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/grnhll/list/50609/2021-eps/ 2020 AOTY: I Let It in and It Took Everything by Loathe
Updated 1mo ago115 albumsRanked 1
OVER 500! I can't believe it. *A lot of these are just first impressions and are subject to change*
Updated 3d ago544 albumsRanked 7
Updated 1w ago113 albums
Updated 1d ago199 albums 2
Updated 1mo ago278 albumsRanked 3
Updated 2w ago64 albums

AOTY January Playlist