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The hyperpop trailblazers take sharp left-turns into pop-punk and nu-metal (and dig further down the ska well) on this whiplash-inducing jamboree.


It’s a mad mix of genres, themes and sounds; throughout ‘10,000 gecs’, Dylan and Laura throw out pretty much everything possible. While on paper this approach probably shouldn’t work, gecs have already proved that it does and on ‘10,000 gecs’ they’ve done it once again.

The Sydney Morning Herald

10,000 Gecs is hilariously extreme, a nutty and unbridled celebration of pop culture detritus befitting the synaptic overload of our perennially online era. More than that, it’s proof once again that there’s no one like 100 Gecs.

The madcap duo’s second album is about many things—junk food, being dumb, the ska revival—but mostly it’s about two savants making pop music sound absurdly fun.
Northern Transmissions
The highlights of the entire album, for me personally – are the ridiculously brutal and harsh GTA-like narrative “The Most Wanted Person in the United States”, and “I Got My Tooth Removed”, which sounds like that one very traumatic, but probably ended well (since you’re still alive after that) first visit to the dentist at the age of 5.
Slant Magazine
While it may appear wholly flippant upon first listen, the album is far more sophisticated than it seems.

If you love 100 gecs though you can’t get enough and fortunately there’s still enough here to say 100 gecs are a positive alt-pop force to be celebrated.

Spectrum Culture
The duo shed their hyperpop label and commit to the bit, no matter how stupid.
The Observer
The US pop-punk duo go for the mainstream jugular with nagging melodies and killer hooks.
The Needle Drop
This album makes you feel like you're eating a burrito with Danny Devito.

Tantalisingly, this record also feels like the next building-block in a potentially genre-defining body of work. As much as we can’t wait for 100,000 gecs, however, there’s a mountain of fun to be had before we get there.

‘10,000 gecs’ is a sub-thirty-minute blast of the duo at their best, creating some truly bonkers music and refusing to ever conform.
The Line of Best Fit
It’s impossible not to be drawn into the ultra-stimulating music. It’s the result of what emerges when truly nothing is off limits, a skill actually not many are blessed with.
The Arts Desk
Plastic and wilfully ugly in places, it delivers a kick. In a world where too much music is focused on niceness, “quality” and retro-feel comfort, that’s welcome.

The very nature of the group's hyperbolic and perpetually exploding design means they're still inherently polarizing, love-it-or-hate-it kind of music. For those who love it, 10,000 Gecs offers more -- so much more, always more -- to love.

Under the Radar
With their triumphant return, 100 gecs gets the last laugh as they dance with silly abandon in loud, joyful protest alongside an arena full of fellow outlaws.
Still Listening
With 10 times as many gecs as their previous album, 100 gecs has continued their artistic expressions without compromise. Their composition comes from all corners; their melodies from the multiverse. The world of music is changing fast, and 100 gecs are up to match the pace.
Crack Magazine

Ultimately, that is 100 gecs’ greatest gift: they squirrel away references, push them through a meat grinder, and emerge with combinations so bizarre as to be instantly laughable. But soon you realise that the joke is on you because of how well each mish-mash works every time.

The duo reaffirm their status as hyperpop ambassadors while implementing a notable mainstream savvy, including memorable beats, hook-ish melodies, and vocals that epitomize an au courant slacker vibe.
The irreverent hyperpop duo’s sophomore album leans hard on big riffs and baffling choices.

In many ways, 10,000 Gecs is consummately the album 100 gecs were supposed to make, and far from the worst possible version of that album to boot. But we already have a whole industry of artists making the albums they’re supposed to make.

The Telegraph

At their strongest ... as on punky standout Doritos And Fritos – 10,000 gecs is a wonderful exercise in letting creativity run amok with no rules at all and carefully catching the resultant gold. God alone knows what the inevitable 100,000 gecs is going to sound like.

Evening Standard
Exhausting, memeable electro-rock songs that sound like Sonic the Hedgehog had an accident with a cement mixer.

Well, there goes whatever remaining credibility I had left.

Alright, it’s 100 gecs. If you’re on this site you’re probably chronically online and if you’re chronically online you know who they are, and chances are you either love the shit out of them or think they’re absolute garbage. They are internet legends at this point whose fandom, online status, and divisive reactions reminds me of Death Grips in intensity. To paraphrase a great essay by Mic The Snare, if ... read more


It was worth the wait. I think they stepped up their game and released something worthy of being a sequel to their massive breakout project. Excited to revisit and see if the stuff that annoyed me grew on me like the first project did.


Autism be damned, my gecs can work a guitar

The gecification of rock music will be studied in history books for years to come. But really, when you think about it, how many gecs is too many gecs? 𝟏,𝟎𝟎𝟎 𝐠𝐞𝐜𝐬 was a lot of gecs, and now there are 𝟏𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎 𝐠𝐞𝐜𝐬? 100 gecs themself absolutely saw the fact that there were too many gecs; you look at the current hyper-pop scene and see the two artists who are perhaps the genre’s most iconic ... read more


Insanely fun and bombastic project with a scant few missed opportunities that were saved by the exceedingly elasticated production.
Favorite - mememe
Least favorite - Frog On The Floor


I wasn't expecting there to be a second 100 gecs album tbh. How many zeros can you add before it becomes hard to distinguish them from each other? This was a complete switch up from their previous record with completely new sounds for the them. This is more hit or miss of the 2 albums. This' highs are much better than in 1000 gecs but the lows are quite unlistenable and annoying instead of the super consistent, cleaner product of 1000 gecs as a whole


Ear candy

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Added on: September 6, 2021