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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 1d ago2,669 albumsRanked 47
Here I will be documenting all 2022 releases I listen to & rate, as well as ranking them from favorite to least favorite. -I would consider anything under 50 not worth my time. -I'll probably add ...
Updated 1h ago123 albumsRanked 15
Updated with every project that I listen to released in 2022.
Updated 33m ago60 albumsRanked 7
projects that i’m anticipating. some more than others.
Updated 13h ago83 albumsRanked 7
Updated 4d ago32 albumsRanked 1
All the projects I have heard in 2022 (that came out in 2022), RANKED! Last year I did EPs too but that will be in a separate list (I lied!) (100) - Masterpiece: 0 (94-99) - Phenomenal : 0 (88-93) - ...
Updated 1d ago9 albumsRanked 1
Updated 1d ago24 albums 1
Remember, my opinion is factual. If you disagree, you should delete your account and go get ear surgery.
Updated 2d ago14 albumsRanked 1
Updated 11h ago298 albumsRanked 1
Sorted in order of listening date and will be turned into a year-end list at, well, the end of the year. Scores are subject to change drastically.
Updated 22h ago42 albums 1
just stuff i wanna listen to but haven't yet done so 3/15/21: gonna start adding timestamps from wikipedia (and others) so i can actually stop complaining abt not having short or long albums to ...
Updated 2d ago1,734 albums 1
Updated 4h ago9 albums
Updated 4d ago4 albums
Updated 4d ago20 albums
Updated 1d ago3 albums

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