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The Bath-born artist's impeccable debut mixtape caps off an incredible breakthrough year and proves why she’s one of the fastest-rising in the world.
The Arts Desk
Her short songs make our collectively short attention spans into a virtue because at merely 18 minutes, PinkPantheress makes an artistic statement that most artists take careers to refine.

On reflection, To hell with it changes everything. It’s a collection of lost songs, for people to confide in. It offers an escape, a refuge, a rave, and a place to lie down. Beautifully bleak, bordering on existential, it’s the record we’ve all been crying out for, and it’s arrived in the knick of time.

The Line of Best Fit
A genuine talent creating music that is genuine to her and by showing the wide spectrum of her talent, PinkPantheress adds an extra sensation to her ‘viral sensation’ tag. Nestling perfectly within the current climate whilst also carrying its own charm, this is the start of something big.
This is truly an internet album - full of self-aware wistfulness and post-ironic references, it avoids the pitfalls of many other flash-in-the pan internet culture records by also being genuine; genuinely nostalgic, genuinely sweet, genuinely interesting, and genuinely great.

On the surface, to hell with it is a simple introduction to her artistry, as the pre-existing singles are joined by newer tracks that are equal, and sometimes greater, in quality. By going deeper, PinkPantheress transcends genres through the past decades, executing these re-creations with grace.

The best part of this EP isn’t just about how it sounds. Nor is it simply down to the quality of the songs. It’s the promise of what’s to come: something really very special indeed.
‘To Hell With It’ is a heady mix of ’00s genres and references that only seem to work together because it’s delivered with just the right amount of earnestness. PinkPantheress’ viral success is much more than one created by an algorithm. As this mixtape shows, it’s driven by pure talent and charm.
The entire release clocks in at under 20 minutes, with the ten tracks initially feeling more like preview clips rather than full songs. The brisk tempos and urgent lyrics beg for repeated listens, however, and the mixtape quickly becomes addictive.
Rolling Stone
The rich, albeit brief, collection of songs on to hell with it feels like the kind of genuine and heartfelt openness that the internet once promised.

On to hell with it, PinkPantheress sculpts a digital-age paradise that exists only in an invented memory of the past, setting the stage for a career set more firmly in the present.

It’s a collection of prior snippets and more fleshed-out material that proves her staying power, while also teasing her limitless potential.

PinkPantheress make a song longer than 2 minutes and 40 seconds challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


This mixtape is probably the most creative thing I've heard all year long. A literal 18 minutes piece of music that is both catalystic and surreal, drum, bass and voice only yet it sounds so fucking great. As I called before, PinkPantheress may have invented the Hypersoft movement, the production is delicious and detailed as fuck, the melodies somehow sound familiar as well but not unoriginal. Everything about his project screams potential, she's a young artist that is slowly paving her way ... read more


SoundCloud Summer School
Test 5: Trick or Treat

to hell with it is PinkPantheress debut mixtape, probably the number one female SoundCloud artist on the rise, and it shows that PinkPantheress has the highest amount of potential out of any pop artist right now as I've got no doubt that she's going to be the next big thing. PinkPantheress seems to have blended a bunch of genres, most noticeably drum and bass along with bedroom pop to craft a genre of pop unlike anything I've heard before, having ... read more


An extremely creative and fun EP, can't wait for a full-length project.
Fav Tracks: Nineteen, Break it off, I must apologise, Passion, Reason, Pain, Noticed i cried
Worst Track: N/A


i like the concept


as an isolated case, this mixtape is the place to be, even if some tracks sound like long snippets and demos, I hope that on a full-length album she will reveal her full potential

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Added on: September 12, 2021