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2012 Ratings: #112 / 928
Year End Rank: #41
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2012 Ratings: #79
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Toy is an epic, psychedelic, droning, wonder. Every track takes the germ of an idea and then repeats it at you with ever deepening insistence and almost imperceptibly subtle evolutions.

The 405

It's one of those rare albums that make you want to check out the band's influences in much the same way that Primary Colours probably did for Toy.

What 'TOY' lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with an incredibly rich dot-to-dot of psychedelia laced musical education, and this album is, to coin an awful new musical genre, Nu-new-wave at its very best.

It’s weird and wonderful and you’ll want to listen again as soon as it’s over.

Drowned in Sound

What we have in Toy is a beautifully powerful ramble of an album with at least six tourist attractions and beauty spots of songs to gawp at along the way.

The Fly

Wisely sacking the spud-like indie of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong for a sound that’s equal parts neopaisley swirl and stately motorik sweep, TOY’s debut offers a lesson in the art of, erm, un-selling out. 

Time Out London

They’ve channelled their trippy retro leanings through more recent history – Ride and House Of Love get a workout on ‘Motoring’ and ‘The Reasons Why’ is pretty much a love letter to My Bloody Valentine, but ‘Drifting Deeper’ shows off their interest in experimental electronics.

Under The Radar

What their self-titled debut lacks in innovation, it makes up for in spirit, its 12 barn-burning tracks accurately capturing a sense of youthful zeitgeist.

While they need to focus more, there's enough potential here to ensure that there's plenty to choose from.
The Line of Best Fit
Immerse yourself in the razor-wire tension of kraut-tinged instrumental ‘Drifting Deeper’ and imagine how good they could be with a few more hooks, a bit more chaos and a lot more reckless abandon. That’s the buzz they should be aiming for.

TOY are a worthy addition to the canon of “head music” that includes Can, Jesus & Mary Chain, Portishead and Spiritualized, and there’s plenty here to suggest they’ll go on to scale greater heights.

No Ripcord

Perhaps more of an homage than an invention, then, but still, an absorbing debut.

The Skinny

When the album’s over, it is just that; dead and gone, leaving not a great deal to cling on to. We expected so much more.


Nov 19, 2012
Forget the Horrors comparisons, it's the big instrumental shoegazin' builds that make Dead & Gone & Kopter instant classics.
Nov 5, 2012
quite old skool Indie album, some songs on here are tremendous, psychedelic in places, a band bursting with potential
Track List
  1. Colour’s Running Out 
  2. The Reasons Why 
  3. Dead & Gone 
  4. Lose My Way 
  5. Drifting Deeper 
  6. Motoring 
  7. My Heart Skips A Beat 
  8. Strange 
  9. Make It Mine 
  10. Omni 
  11. Walk Up To Me 
  12. Kopter

Added on: September 12, 2012