Half Way Home
Angel Olsen - Half Way Home
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2012 Ratings: #101 / 928
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2012 Ratings: #41
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Beats Per Minute

While the album never stumbles wildly or veers off course, there is a bleakness, even in the midst of some of the more hopeful songs, that may keep some listeners at a distance.


What makes Half Way Home magnificent is its openness to what could be, to potential.

Consequence of Sound

Olsen’s white-hot volatility isn’t the main story of Half Way Home, but more the engine that carries her equally remarkable sense for folk- and country-based arrangements into something far less definable; even “anti-folk” is shallow in comparison. 


She can put her voice wherever she wants to, and she can land it without warning. It can cut or soothe, scare or comfort, and you’re not quite sure what it’s going to do—and when it’s going to do it. 

Dec 21, 2017
“Half Way Home” is Angel Olsen’s true introduction — a bit more of a folk album than the projects to come, but still an excellent and representative depiction of her songwriting style and powerful, idiosyncratic vocals. It’s a stark and dramatic album, but not gloomy or self-pitying; you get the sense that Angel Olsen is somewhere in the process of coming to terms with death and loss, approaching these subjects in uncompromising and honest manner. Olsen ends ... read more
Aug 4, 2016
the first two songs are absolute peak angel olsen. the rest is just a build up to what would come then (burn your fire for no witness)
#22/Gorilla vs. Bear
#23/Tiny Mix Tapes
Track List
  1. Acrobat 
  2. The Waiting 
  3. Safe in the Womb 
  4. Lonely Universe 
  5. Can't Wait Until Tomorrow 
  6. Always Half Strange 
  7. You Are Song 
  8. Miranda 
  9. The Sky Opened Up 
  10. Free 
  11. Tiniest Seed
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