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Some nice ol' tunes to show to a small Victorian era child


This album is beyond tragic. I went in not knowing what I was getting into, and wow this project is sad.

Every note, every space, every vocal is just strained and in pain. The only criticism I have to this project is it's so sad and in despair that I barely know what to do with it. It's so much for every track. I lost focus by the end due to how relentless this thing was.

Every song feels ambitious, well placed, and complete in its own way. It is a gorgeous listen that should not be written ... read more


If "For The First Time" was already fantastic, "Ants From Up There" is even more so. This new adventure is a real music lesson, it concentrates all the humanity in 58 breathtaking minutes.

[normally I never put more than 89 for a new release, because I have to test the album against time, but I had to make an exception for this one]

First of all I would like to give my support to BCNR and to the former leader Isaac Wood who has just left the band recently, I hope that ... read more


You know how I said that music in 2022 was not off to a great start a week ago? Okay, if God exists, this album is her apology.

The Windmill scene in Brixton, and post-punk as a whole, exploded last year, leading to a friendly competition of which band had the best album. I think most people would agree there were two standouts in particular, and while I certainly loved black midi’s album, for me, Black Country, New Road came out on top. The band’s jazzy, klezmer infused, ... read more


....Fucks SAKE

Twice. They were able to release two albums of near perfect material twice. To do it once? It’s possible. To do it once on your first try? That’s pretty goddamn special, and extremely hard to do. Even some of my favorite bands took a couple albums to come out with something I'd call a ten. To do it twice? In a fucking row? It’s near impossible, but it’s still doable. To have it done twice, in a row, and it be your first two records and then dip? What in ... read more


Enough to make a grown incel cry.

Where do I even start with a record of this magnitude? The only way I feel is right is to start at the beginning. Unknown to me prior to 2020, Black Country, New Road, the 7 person band based out of London getting ready to release their debut project, “For the first time”. Leading up to this release, I was blindsided to what was about to come next, my plan was only to listen to the album and rate it, and I thought I would be done. I had no idea ... read more


After listening to this album, I know 2 things for sure;

1. Isaac Wood will be sorely missed from the band, and I wish him all the support for the future.
2. ‘Basketball Shoes’ is preeetty much the song of the decade…

It’s fair to say BC;NR made something of a considerable impact on the AOTY community in 2021, kicking the year off with their massively hyped debut record, aptly titled ‘For the first time’. The album held my AOTY position for almost half ... read more



*Lifts teacup and extends pinky* twas rather splendid, Henry. Splendid indeed.

EDIT (1) Through reading the various criticisms levelled at the writing of this album pertaining to the “melodramatic” lyrics, I came to the realisation that I didn’t really dig all that deeply into the lyrical themes of this record. Simply put, Chaos Space Marine ... read more


Ants From Up There is a perfect representation of why I love music. It’s unique, artistic, and genuine. This sophomore record from the evolving British masterminds that we know and love as Black Country, New Road shows so much personality, and the chemistry between the band has improved in every aspect over such a short period of time.

The group sounds very comfortable playing all together, and it makes for all the more enjoyment throughout the album. Tyler, Lewis, Georgia, May, ... read more


First 10 of the decade!

Hype isn't something that I let get to me... ever. I know how it looks; yet another AOTY user slapping this highly anticipated art rock album with a 100 less than a week since its release. How original! But seriously, I never let hype take over for anything. I rarely ever get truly hyped for new music releases. I may be interested, sure, but until I actually listen to the actual music I'm not going to have elevated expectations. But it was difficult not to be at least ... read more


Após uma fantástica estreia que foi considerada por muitos como um dos melhores álbuns do ano passado, o seu segundo disco era muito esperado e criou-se grandes expectativas para este, e felizmente 'Ants From Up There' conseguiu superar todas as expectativas, trazendo um registro belo e extremamente bem elaborado que surpreendentemente conseguiu ser melhor que o 'For The First Time'.

Enquanto a estréia de Black Country New Road mostrava nos um som mais puxado ao ... read more


Favourite: Snow Globes
Worst: Chaos Space Marine

1. Intro - [Not Included]
2. Chaos Space Marine - 9
3. Concorde - 10
4. Bread Song - 10
5. Good Will Hunting - 10
6. Haldern - 10
7. Mark’s Theme - 10
8. The Place Where He Inserted the Blade - 10
9. Snow Globes - 10
10. Basketball Shoes - 9

Average: 9.8
Quick Comment: What a surprise lol a sensational record. The movement and the different styles of production work along with it's complexity creates something that many others can, a ... read more


700th review! Perfect album for this occasion!

Black Country, New Road's debut album, For the first time was only released last year, but I knew right away that this band is something special and that whatever they release next, you're going to want to look out for. While FTFT was a great album, it was a short, rather disjointed one that had obvious influences, albeit manifested in a very unique way. I was hoping it wouldn't have been long until they truly came into their own sound, but I did ... read more


Ants From Up There is an album that came at a specific moment in my life, a moment that has helped me to appreciate it in a more personal and reflective way, plus I have been able to listen to this album watching the sea and it has felt like an introspective journey in me, so it has touched bottom in me and I think this album could be my AOTY of this year, so I will tell you before continuing with my review, a little story of mine.

While I have always been of the idea that albums or rather ... read more


Twice already, I’ve posted and removed a review of this album. Both times that I’ve done this so far, I grew to realize that what I had written in that review just didn’t properly articulate what this album means to me, even if my words came close to that. Now I’m here a third time, posting a review yet again, hoping that I finally get across what I think about ‘Ants From Up There’ by Black Country, New Road as best as I can simply through words—which I ... read more


I usually don’t listen to a lot of Rock music, so when I was going into this album, I wasn’t expecting to like it that much. However, I was completely blown away. The passionate singing, while not perfect, complements the production in a way that I haven’t heard before, but really loved. I like the contrasting moods of each song. Chaos Space Marine sounds like a more fun and chaotic song, while Concorde sounds beautifully calm, but passionate. My favorite part of this project ... read more


out of every album i thought could become my all-time favorite, i'd never be able to predict it'd be this one. however, black country, new road has pulled out all the stops to make an absolutely flawless album. this band's chemistry and glue is as baseline perfect as you could ask for. every instrument in the mix always contributes to the swelling and morphing of the instrumentals, giving former frontman isaac wood an enormous canvas, over which he goes full send. his already-perfect ... read more


i haven't listened i just want to be negative



(Video reaction out! Link in da bio)

Wow. I am speechless. Absolutely speechless. This album is absolutely fucking incredible. I never thought something could beat For The First Time because that album has been one of my favorite albums ever since I had heard it last year, but this... This is on another fucking level. This is one of the most confident 10's I have ever given in my life. There is not a single moment on this album where I am not floored in every way. I have been waiting for ... read more


Till now, I've never given a perfect score. But after listening to Ants From Up There, I've figured out there is no real logic behind giving a 100/100. It's more of an intense moment of realization that your life will never be the same after experiencing an album. And that's exactly what I'm feeling right now. Everything about this project seems more grandiose than BC,RN's last. Whether that be the production or the shift away from the more spoken word approach vocally. Issac Wood takes ... read more


Guys, I think we’ve got an AOTY right here. Everyone else may as well just give up releasing music until 2023, since anything that literally anyone could put out would just be completely overshadowed by this true masterpiece. And I didn’t even like For the First Time that much.
Alright, alright, please, before you unfollow, report and block me, please, just give me a single paragraph to explain myself.
So, it’s currently February 2021. Wait, no it’s fucking not. But ... read more


lol i’m never gonna have sex

update: i have to not like this album now 💯


What makes this band so special?? London based rock group Black Country, New Road were formed in 2018. The band started growing a fanbase in the underground scene and released their first single “Athens, France” in January 2019. Their second single “Sunglasses” caught major critic attention and it grew the bands image even bigger. On the 5th of February, exactly 364 days before their second album, the bands debut album, For The First Time, was released. Every band ... read more


Ants From Up There sees BC,NR departing from the raw post-punk sound of their debut. The band instead implement much more lush, baroque textures, like on songs like Chaos Space Marine, which contrast the thunderous climaxes of songs like Basketball Shoes. Singer Isaac Wood gives an outstanding performance on his final record with the band, and it'll be interesting to see which direction the band goes without him. Much like its predecessor, Ants From Up There is an early contender for one of the ... read more


An instant masterpiece

And... that was my most anticipated album of this year... may as well call it the album of the year and of the decade so far. I honestly don't know where to begin. From the get-go I knew I'd love this, ever since that day, after I finished "For The First Time" and gave a shot to the singles of the band's upcoming album, I was just convinced this would be a masterpiece, and well, I was more than right. Going into this, my first thought was that if this wasn't a ... read more

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