Kaleidoscope Dream
Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream
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2012 Ratings: #22 / 928
Year End Rank: #17
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2012 Ratings: #75
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A.V. Club

On his bolder follow-up, Kaleidoscope Dream, Miguel takes full advantage of his new commercial standing by abandoning genre conventions altogether. 


Emerging unscathed from middling mainstream performance, Kaleidoscope Dream sounds, at its utmost, natural and easy, an artist set free to do what he wants and proving himself every bit the unique voice his debut seemed to deny.

Consequence of Sound

Nothing shrouds Miguel and his directives, and worries, and prayers, and cat calls — it’s all there, full of light and love, refracting through a kaleidoscope of rocks glasses, rainy windshields, and blood-shot eyes.


It may not blindly take the artistic risks of Channel Orange, but it’s a more consistently enjoyable album than Frank Ocean’s magnum opus.

Under The Radar

There's an upfront quality to his words that tiptoes the line between sexy and silly, raunchy and ridiculous; if it weren't for a sense that each line is uttered with utmost honesty, he'd be hard to take seriously. 

FACT Magazine

In its finished form, Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream is a testament to his evolved songwriting, reverence to the past, and refusal to be pigeonholed.

Aug 20, 2017
overrated as FUCK. half the songs on here are boring as hell and a lot of the lyrics are just meaningless and only exist for him to showcase his vocals. he does have a great voice though, and when he pairs that with great songwriting, he truly shines.

best: adorn, use me, where's the fun in forever

worst: i couldn't tell you a certain track because pretty much almost every song sounds the same except the ones aforementioned
Aug 23, 2016
This album is magnificent. VERY UNDERRATED PERFECTION. Idk if Miguel can top this greatness. Wow 2012 was great with Channel Orange GKMC and this.
Dec 12, 2017
Utter crap
Mar 8, 2017
On Kaleidoscope Dream, Miguel gives us a tour of Prince-inspired soft rock ("Candles in the Sun", "The Thrill"), traditional r&B ("Adorn", "How Many Drinks"), and funk-leaning base rock ("Use Me", "Where's the Fun in Forever"). He's often grouped in the current class of alternative r&b singers like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd but actually he's the closest thing we have to a traditional modern-day rock star.
Sep 24, 2016
With his second album, Miguel dares to reinforce his personal engagement with soul music through an ambitious, motivated and most of all sexy album.
Track List
  1. Adorn 
  2. Don't Look Back 
  3. Use Me 
  4. Do You... 
  5. Kaleidoscope Dream 
  6. The Thrill 
  7. How Many Drinks? 
  8. Where's The Fun In Forever 
  9. Arch & Point 
  10. Pussy Is Mine 
  11. Candles In The Sun
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