Grimes - Art Angels
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2015 Ratings: #29 / 925
Year End Rank: #4
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2015 Ratings: #23
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Pretty Much Amazing

She’s crafted a glorious pop monster entirely by her own mind, hand, and voice. Part dazzling confection, part snarling beast, Art Angels is a stitched together, hook ridden masterwork.

Grimes has given us a complete record that's everything pop should be in 2015: utterly uncompromising, imaginative and, somehow, universally accessible.
It’s impossible to resist the instant, limb-grabbing appeal of the pop music Grimes is making here, and dizzyingly big, this is a record about shaking off every constraint, and wrenching hold of reality with both fists.
NOW Magazine

Boucher herself has come out to claim her music as genre-less, but the Art Angels incarnation of Grimes is through-and-through Frankenstein pop, influenced by so many irresistible sounds ... smashed together, somehow coming out just the right way.

The Telegraph

All adds up to a fearless and fascinating record.

A.V. Club
It’s slick and gritty, fun and funny, and horrifying and grotesque all at once. It will also make you shake your ass like nothing else.
Consequence of Sound

After Visions, the only thing Grimes could do was to grow as big as the landscape around her. Here’s her mountain.


Art Angels is a marvel of meticulous, even obsessive home-studio recording, uncompromised by bandmates or collaborators.


Art Angels is an uncompromisingly colorful conception of pop music’s kaleidoscopic future, a clash between modern dance pop conventions and the independent sensibility of a singular artist.

Northern Transmissions

Amidst these unpredictable soundscapes, the choruses are so catchy and touching that it’s easy to forget just how weird this music is, and that’s what makes it such a thrill.

The 405

Visions put Grimes on the map as pop's pure misfit but Art Angels secured her tangible place as the genre's most unconventional star. For those that doubted, she's done that thing she does, but better. More defined.

Here, she closes the gap between the pop she's idolized and the pop she is capable of.
Spectrum Culture

Art Angels is what a pop album would sounds like if you took the top 10 chart and deliberately swapped everything for unexpected patterns and instruments.

Resident Advisor

Art Angels wipes the fog from her lens and lays out her vision, clear and uncompromising.


It would be reductive to call this record Boucher's ‘Grimes goes Pop’ moment, but it certainly feels like an attempt to bridge the gap between her fervent online cult and tangible, real-world success.


There’s something that feels tangibly joyful on Art Angels that we didn’t hear on Visions.

Claire Boucher is very good at making pop music. Strange, esoteric pop music that sounds like something not quite of this world, but which manages to remain totally accessible.

This is the truest representation of Grimes we’ve heard yet: 'Art Angels' is boundary pushing, it’s listenable and it’s Boucher’s most ambitious and most consistent work to date.


It’s a triumph of Grimes as gloriously and unapologetically DIY producer, a pop singer politically and emotionally invested in your knowing that she made this all on her own — as if anything workshopped with a team of songwriters could sound so bracing and unpredictable.

Under The Radar
Grimes manages to face mounting hype with a skillful redefinition of boundaries. It may be new territory, but she's navigating it pretty damn well.
Drowned in Sound

In its ability to appeal to so many listeners, while being as thrilling on its first spin as it is on its fifteenth, Art Angels is likely to emerge from 2015 as one of the most universally adored albums of the year.

Tiny Mix Tapes
With pacing like a serial manga franchise, the album shines through its relentless ability to grow on you, despite all odds.

It could all lead to sonic whiplash, but Boucher's staunchly independent viewpoint is the glue that holds together Art Angels.

Crackling with radio-primed hooks, whipsnap breakbeats and Boucher’s helium-pitched vocals, Grimes’ third album makes a convincing strike for playlist ubiquity, with a healthy dollop of the oddball chucked in.
Crack Magazine

While Art Angels is a thrilling listen by design, some songs can’t carry through the excitement of some of the bigger sounds on the album.

The Independent

It’s not so much that she’s changed direction completely, as that she’s drained her art of the obfuscating sonic blabber to leave her pop aesthetic.

FLOOD Magazine

She may be glossier now, but, there’s plenty on Art Angels to recommend to her initial fan base.


You sense the deceptively complex Art Angels will only continue to yield further depths with time.

Slant Magazine
There's still some room for Boucher to further focus her ambitions, but this album is the surest evidence so far that she's game for the challenge.
Rolling Stone
The big news on her fourth album is how much she's upped her game as a writer and a singer, giving her music new polish and resonance.
The Needle Drop

Grimes returns with a diverse, well-produced pop album that's both accessible and odd.

The Line of Best Fit

Somehow she's always managed to tread a rare, thin line between catchy left-field creations and catchy mainstream pop. On Art Angels, we hear that high art experimentation fall into mainstream territory with only fleeting moments of brilliance.

The Observer

Packed as it is with all this goodness, Art Angels fails to comprehensively blow your mind. Ultimately, Grimes has not reinvented the pop wheel, she’s just driven it off road a little.

God Is in the TV

Although, it’s still admirably produced completely by Boucher – when she could have easily sacrificed control – the clarity of her sound is significantly greater.

It's a good pop album. Deal with it hipsters!
I don't get the hate. I love this album. I don't think is too mainstream. If you don't like her previous release you never gonna like this. The best pop album of 2015 so far. Best tracks: California, Flesh Without Blood, Kill V. Maim, World Princess part II, Realiti, Venus Fly. The whole album is a standout.
Her album covers are the best, they're so creative, but they do look like they were ripped straight out of a 16 year old's tumblr. Anyway, music good
[AOTY Elon Musk attempts to review Grimes: Part 1]
It's just Grimes man, what could possibly go wrong?


I'd be pretty satisfied to talk about Visions instead, a Grimes record I genuinely think is great, but truth is, my review would basically be me putting other reviewer's mouths into mine. I wouldn't have much to say. Now with Art Angels, I'd say that this relatively uninteresting record is a lot more interesting to discuss.

I mean, just look at the reviews for this. Though it ... read more
Space Vacation
Always been a fan of this album but I love it now more than ever.
Been listening to it constantly on drives this last month and so many tracks are like, all-time greats i.e. Pin, Realiti, Scream, Flesh Without Blood, World Princess, Venus Fly etc etc.

It's no secret how much I worship Grimes but it's for good reason, she fucking rules.

The only thing hindering it from reaching a higher score are tracks like Life in the Vivid Dream or Belly of the Beat which, especially given their placement ... read more
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Track List

  1. laughing and not being normal 
  2. California 
  3. SCREAM [ft. Aristophanes]
  4. Flesh without Blood 
  5. Belly of the beat 
  6. Kill V. Maim 
  7. Artangels 
  8. Easily 
  9. Pin 
  10. Realiti 
  11. World Princess part II 
  12. Venus Fly [ft. Janelle Monáe]
  13. Life in the Vivid Dream 
  14. Butterfly
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Added on: October 20, 2015