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community list ~ The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The last survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. ...
Updated 1mo ago101 albums 88
Due to a certain virus pandemic known as ㄷØ౮𝖎ᕷ- 𝟙९, the human race faced extinction. A batch of humans evacuated to Mars, in the hopes of extending the lifetime of the human race, as ...
Updated 5mo ago101 albums 84
for when album covers are different ... but they're the same i try to keep the list to only include covers that are coincidentally the same - there are plenty of homages to other albums or parodies ...
Updated 1d ago92 albums 76
i asked aoty users what the most fun album they’ve ever heard is. if you want to be included, comment your pick. thanks to everyone who contributed!!
Updated 2w ago91 albums 54
major revisions jan 7, 2020
Updated 2w ago200 albumsRanked 29
(Inspired by DoubleZ's fantastic "The history of the albums") Trying to rate all the albums AOTY users love in chronological order. Rules: 1. Every album on here is listed in ...
Updated 1d ago1,133 albums 23
There's this instagram account named And they remake album art in ms paint....that's it. That's the whole joke. And it's glorious! Anyways here's all the albums they've remade.
Updated 6h ago823 albums 18
This list was totally yoinked from @slickleg, go give 'em a follow! The list will be compiling 50 metal albums that you should give a spin before your pump vessel goes "AIGHT I'M BOUTTA HEAD ...
Updated 1y ago50 albumsRanked 15
This list consists of my favorite albums of all time! Don't get mad if you disagree with me, as all music is subjective :) If you guys wanna recommend me anything to listen to, leave your ...
Updated 7mo ago42 albumsRanked 14
This is a list of albums/songs that (while not 10/10s or my favorite music to put on) is music that every time I listen to it, I have that 'accession' or 'holy fuck' moment every time I listen to it. ...
Updated 6d ago112 albumsRanked 13
Updated 1y ago1,301 albums 11
This makes it easier to show record stores
Updated 5d ago357 albums 11
This is a list of albums and artists that I plan to go through in a rough order of which I'm going to listen to first. Instead of putting every single album in an artist's discography on the list, I ...
Updated 1d ago370 albumsRanked 11
One album per artist. I also frequently edit this list either because an album has grown on me or I’ve recently come across an album I thought was amazing.
Updated 1d ago100 albumsRanked 9
Updated 12mo ago10 albumsRanked 8
it-it's metal /I've been having a hard time getting into metal so I'm gonna really make a push for it now. Go all in. I'm listening to a ton of metal albums, hoping that it clicks Made ...
Updated 9mo ago127 albums 8
Updated 1d ago100 albumsRanked 7
Updated 2y ago99 albums 6
I'm very..."generous" with my ratings, I'd say. I give out 10's so often that there's usually a handful of perfect records by the end of every year, so I decided to celebrate those ...
Updated 2y ago100 albumsRanked 5
shut up
Updated 5mo ago165 albums 4

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