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Upcoming albums that I am anticipating. ★ HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ★ 12/03: Arca - KiCk ii 12/03: Arca - KicK iii 12/03: Arca - kick iiii 12/15: tricot - 上出来 (Jodeki) 02/05: Black Country, New ...
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Albums I’m just hyped for
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(anything beyond top ten isn't ranked by hype-ometer readings)
Updated 4d ago37 albumsRanked 14
projects that have got me peeing my pants with excitement some more than others..
Updated 2h ago26 albums 4
Updated 5d ago7 albums 4
Projects I’m anticipating, for better or for worse.
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Updated 2w ago7 albums 1
Updated 1d ago21 albums 1
Jayden listen to these fucking albums or I swear to god I will end you
Updated 1d ago42 albums 1
Updated 1w ago60 albums 1
Albums I am either anticipating or I am planning on listening to in 2021
Updated 4d ago122 albums 1
Updated 2d ago37 albums 1
These are albums I'm interested in or even excited about listening to when they come out and I get around to listening to them.
Updated 2w ago16 albums 1
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