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Upcoming albums that I am anticipating. ★ HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ★ 12/03: Arca - KiCk ii 12/03: Arca - KicK iii 12/03: Arca - kick iiii 12/15: tricot - 上出来 (Jodeki) 02/05: Black Country, New ...
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(anything beyond top ten isn't ranked by hype-ometer readings)
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projects that have got me peeing my pants with excitement some more than others..
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* = highly anticipated
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Everything that I own on vinyl!! (Sorted alphabetically) Any notes correlate to additional information (i.e. pressing, exclusivity and limited edition, etc.)
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These are albums I'm interested in or even excited about listening to when they come out and I get around to listening to them.
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Updated 4h ago19 albums
Released and non-released 2listen2 listen.
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Albums coming in 2022 that im excited about
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