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Deciphering The Message

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I am limiting this to one song per album. The songs are in order. My intention with this list is to celebrate the year by showcasing tracks from a variety of albums, even ones I did not particularly ...
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while there were bad albums, there were great albums. the albums I would call therapy. unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to listen to everything that came out this year. however, these are the ...
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Honourable Mentions: Adrian Younge - The American Negro Also shout out to all the fantastic jazz-rap albums released this year which I put in my hip-hop list.
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most of my favourite releases 2021.
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qualquer obra com 30min ou mais e/ou 6músicas ou mais any disc with at least 30min and/or 6 songs [1663] jan: 52 fev: [+91] 143 mar: [+88] 231 abr: [+37] 268 mai: [+0] 268 jun: [+48] 316 jul: ...
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Every listened LP ranked.
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Ok but he do be not doing his job tho
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