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On Caprisongs, FKA Twigs exorcises her demons in a cocktail rich in flavor. While this mixtape has a lot of great things to offer, especially with its mood and uniqueness, this one struggles to shine like the previous projects.

It's a great day for R&B and Pop, as one of its divas offers us a very generous mixtape. It even affects me more personally, since FKA Twigs has been my favorite female R&B/Pop artist for a few years now, which means I'm expecting a lot from this project, and ... read more


TWIGS out here building a discography that is soon to become impossible to compare. There's levels to this productions that I can't even comprehend sometimes, it takes a mind of a musical genius, and she has been proving to be THE GENIUS for almost two decades. 'Caprisongs' is her most care free project yet, filled with danceable songs, tracks that go all the way, moving between genders and different stations. The room for experimentation is vast but that has always been the case when it comes ... read more


CAPRISONGS is not nearly as ambitious or forward thinking as her past work, but it’s not trying to be. It’s just a fun collection of tracks packaged as a mixtape, and for what it is I love it.

FKA twigs is an artist whose music I have loved for a few years now. MAGDALENE was my second favorite album of 2019, and I loved what she did with that album. I then listened to many of her other great tracks, but I didn’t listen to LP1 or her EPs until recently, and I love those as ... read more


As the wait for her next album will seemingly be as long as the wait for the last one, FKA twigs has went out of her way to keep her fans fed. And while the detour doesn’t seem to be much more than a detour, “CAPRISONGS” is still a fun stop along the way to our next destination.

I should get this out of the way; for anyone thinking this wi be another experimental experience like “Magdalene”, you should probably change your expectations. “CAPRISONGS” is ... read more


Wow, this ended up being waaaaay better than I expected. This feels way different than anything Twigs has done in the past, but with this really incredible execution. These feel like summer sweet RnB songs in the winter, that all flow together smoothly. This project is pure bliss. I expected this to be a lot weaker than her previous work, but nah she kills it


Como uma mixtape, CAPRISONGS é exatamente aquilo que se propõe a ser: um projeto divertido e que esbanja o melhor de FKA twigs em sua forma mais acessível o possível.

Deixe a palavra "ambição" de lado e entenda esse disco como um elemento vivo do talento de FKA twigs em passear por temáticas simples, mas muito bem elaboradas. Apesar de soar comercial, CAPRISONGS ainda assim é um disco repleto de profundidade e, principalmente, ... read more


CAPRISONGS, like astrology, is heterogeneous and volatile, but still retains certain originality from one of the greatest artists of the new generation. The new mixtape by FKA twigs blazes a trail for popular sounds. Elements of contemporary R&B, Hip-hop and Afro-pop have never been more evident, and that's exactly where the album's highlights are. Similar to a birth chart, the singer deals with her feelings in a non-descriptive way, gliding through concise passages with her traditionally ... read more


Talvez se compararmos "CAPRISONGS" com o resto da sua discografia, a nova mixtape da cantora pode parecer um lançamento fraco da artista. Mas, ainda que esteja bem longe de ser um de seus melhores discos, "CAPRISONGS" ainda consegue ser um registro de boa qualidade.

Ainda que seja um de seus discos mais fracos, sinto que FKA Twigs teve um grande esforço para trazer algo de ótima qualidade. Isso é visto bastante especialmente nas ... read more


'CAPRISONGS' is FKA twigs' debut mixtape, being a fun compilation of songs that show her healing and learning to love herself, seeming to let loose and completely let her emotions swallow her up, playing around with pop sounds. After loving the lead single, 'tears in the club', I was excited to give this project a try as I hadn't listened to any FKA twigs before that track, with the mixtape not failing to impress me as I was fascinated with how fresh and juicy the sounds were, regardless of ... read more


very consistent album. It brings elements that we've already seen more than 1 million times, but in a super interesting and intelligent way. The album uses and abuses elements such as the well-known 808 in trap, sugary melodies from this new wave of R&B and auto tunes from Hyper Pop.
What's interesting is the way she uses it all. She never falls for obvious melodies and rhythms, there's always something catching her eye.

The album is full of very different textures and timbres, and each ... read more


6.2- Goodish?


This is the most conflicted I have been listening to a project in a while. It’s really hard to articulate. I feel like this album is good, or should be good, but at the same time, I feel like it’s just going in one ear and out of the other. I feel like many people’s problem with CAPRISONGS for many is that it’s cohesion can be spotty, but honestly, it didn’t really bother me. I am fine ... read more


It sounds the weakest of her discography, (Nevertheless, it's still great.)
but on the one hand, there were some bangers that could see new aspects of her.
Welcome to FKA Twigs' party!

Highlights : honda, darjeeling, papi bones or minds of men


Despite the major wait, this project delivers. When The Weeknd's effort last week ended up being somewhat of a disappointment I really needed this to hit. It feels like it will be rewarding to continue to revisit and listen deeper, like the rest of her body of work.


first review of 2022!!

fka twigs drops her new mixtape titled “CAPRISONGS” and i’ve got to say, i’m let down.

twigs is known for her mix of art-pop and electronic sounds in her music. she can do it quite flawlessly like we have seen on past works of hers like “LP1” and “M3LL155X”. on this project, which is her first since her 2019 magnum opus “MAGDALENE”, mixes a ton more genres like hip hop, r&b, drill and more. sadly, they all ... read more


CAPRISONGS is clearly not as ambitious as the singer's earlier works, but it doesn't want to be either. Designated as a mixtape, FKA Twigs creatively and freely explores new sounds and ideas, rediscovering her passion for music after how emotionally draining MAGDALENE was.

The songs themselves are fun and more accessible to a mainstream audience, which isn't bad at all. It's nice to see a new facet of FKA Twigs that isn't so conceptual. The album's collaborations are well-chosen and placed. ... read more


Ok, since I knew about this release I've been losing my shit, so I figured imma just do a thread reacting to the FUCKING QUEEN, cause idk it's kinda fun I guess, I like threads. Let's play this shit, shall we?

ride the dragon: yessss, yes you are that mysterious bitch, and no, nobody does it like you do. Love those faded vocals. Oh Mike Dean, you everywhere motherfucker, excellent. Shiiiiiiiiiiit that beat drop, oh yes yes yes fuck yeah! Great start to the record.

honda: hmmmm, okay, I like ... read more


CATCH-UP WEEK: Jan 2022 Ep. 03 [Twigs]

While I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, ‘CAPRISONGS’ if anything is a playful and revitalizing excursion into a more mainstream avenue for the revered musician. And though I miss the magnificent days of MAGDALENE, I’m glad to see her so happy and confident in the present.

It’s not often you find an artist as vulnerable and transparent as Tahliah Barnett. Her music is not only a staple of art/experimental pop in the ... read more


On ‘CAPRISONGS’, instead of furthering her voyage into the boundless realm of art pop, Twigs makes something more aligned with Afro-beat, DNB, trap, and hyper-pop- otherwise more accessible soundscapes. FKA Twigs (also known as Tahliah Barnett) has become one of music’s boldest and fiercest acts. In the past decade, she has released a slew of critically acclaimed albums and EPs. Back in 2019, Twigs dropped ‘MAGDALENE’, her most personal album yet detailing, among ... read more


Twigs is back!! I only started listening to her recently but she’s quickly become one of my favourite artists. Twigs always gonna SERVE on these album covers though.

On the whole this mixtape isn’t perfect and could do with maybe a couple less interruptions in the music for just talking. However, Twigs has given us a set of great songs with great production, I love the beats on this, and an amazing feature list.

‘ride the dragon’ feels like futuristic medieval times ... read more


‘CAPRISONGS’ tornou-se um dos trabalhos mais bem elaborados e produzidos por FKA, a forma que a mesma explora os diferentes elementos e sonoridades, tanto perturbadores, quanto de sensações de estranheza acarreta em um projeto brilhante, englobando principalmente uma diversidade de estilos e identidade para cada faixa. Em seu novo projeto – twigs vem mostrando uma diversidade sonora dentro das 17 faixas que compõe seu MIXTAPE, o que realmente fez jus ao ... read more


“CAPRISONGS” is another solid addition to FKA twigs catalogue, even if it may lack some of the otherworldly geniality of her albums. Instead, this mixtape sees twigs adventuring into a more pop friendly territory, but still managing to maintain her music a step ahead of other mainstream artists' work. These songs were executively produced by El Guincho, who has worked with ROSALÍA on her acclaimed sophomore LP “El Mal Querer”, and here helps FKA putting together ... read more


Na sua primeira mixtape, FKA se apresenta de maneira livre, divertida, despreocupada e rasa, mas isso não é problema. Aqui, vemos uma Twigs livre de toda a tensão e trauma que assolou sua vida nos últimos meses e anos.

Esse projeto soa como algo feito com vários amigos em uma casa, já que temos acesso a conversas de FKA com amigos, além de áudios de fãs (pedindo pela música com a Dua Lipa). Por ser uma mixtape recheada de ... read more


É um projeto bem interessante, aqui FKA experimenta sons novos em suas músicas, em algumas faixas funciona bem como em "papi bones" e "Tears In The Club", que aliás são os maiores destaques da mixtape.
A faixa que abre "ride the dragon" também chama bastante atenção, gostei da produção dessa, outra que gostei foi "jealousy".
A voz de FKA é bem bonita, porém em certas ... read more


Depois de uma obra prima em 2019 com o disco da Madalena.
Essa menina aí retorna pra salvar 2022 da maldição do começo de ano desinteressante.
Eu gostei das músicas.... diferentes e das palhaçadas que ela fazia com a voz... não sei porque, mas me lembrou música de cafeteria e eu AMO música de cafeteria.
Essas parcerias não fizeram nada... tirava geral e ficaria melhor ainda.
Não chega a ser uma obra de arte sem ... read more


You're welcome, twigs.

I seriously want that Carti collab they teased before WLR. I really need that mf.

Twigs, don't go so hard, I'm still listening to The Weeknd. I'm getting overwhelmed already and it's just the second week of this year. Not saying I'm unhappy or anything though. As long as the music's great, I can carry out my life successfully.

The new FKA twigs mixtape, "Caprisongs", is yet another super enjoyable twigs record. I mean, you already know she never missin' ... read more

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