Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster

Rouge Carpet Disaster

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I really enjoyed a lot of music this month and had a hard time deciding rankings. There were some massively great quality albums from this month, especially from Cave In and static dress. Anything ...
Updated 1mo ago40 albumsRanked 1 2022 EP's list: 2021 AOTY: Songs for the Enamel Queen by Black Sheep Wall
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This year is the start of my aoty journey. Just a personal log so that I don't forget the amazing projects I listen to every year.
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everything i have listened to that released this year
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รlbumes que estoy apunto de escuchar.
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Ever-changing list where I dump new albums that I slept on, I did not want to listen to or I was just lazy to listen to, but plan to actually listen to sometime in the near future... or late ...
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May 22 releases ranked.
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List used to keep track on which 2022 releases I've listened to. Ratings are gone.
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Ratings of projects that I've listened to so far in 2022. ๐Ÿ˜
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AOTY June Playlist