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It’s a band who can read the zeitgeist before it truly hits, understanding why that post-millennium glamour and gritty tension might be the best tool to carve open the complex, brutal reality of an anxious new world of culture wars and unkindness.

The trio's clear-eyed and powerful sixth album encapsulates their journey to becoming a generation-defining band.

It’s a record that not only evolves, but yet again reinvents the sound of Paramore ... A record of hope, fear, change and growth, it’s a powerful reminder of the need to keep moving forward.

God Is in the TV

The album has been perfectly designed for those who grow up with the Nashville outfit’s pop-punk blaring in their ears for the duration of their school years, who are now dealing with the realities of the real world, and if Riot was an album of teenage angst, then This is Why is an album for adult agression.


Ffor anyone who thought that Paramore would confine themselves to that same space on their sixth, it’s time to think again. ‘This Is Why’ boasts another bold and brilliant transformation for the trio.

The Arts Desk
Whatever preconceptions you might have about the nostalgic emo revival, Paramore have risen above the period to new plains.

With This Is Why, the trio returns, expanding their sonic identity even further and crafting a record deeply rooted in post-punk and art punk traditions.

The Sydney Morning Herald

The playfulness of After Laughter is here, as well as the determined fighting spirit of their earlier albums and the edge of Williams’ solo work. But there are new ingredients, too, which make for compelling listening. This is very intelligent songwriting.

‘Thick Skull’ is a considerably harder listen with no lovely resolution in sight, but as Williams luxuriates, trudges through lessons not learned, “come on, give it to me”, Paramore admit they’ve not figured it all out – and leave us ready for them to grow more.
The Line of Best Fit

Like all good jangling indie bops, beneath the fluctuations of chipper notes swims a dark underbelly, and This Is Why relishes in this fact. It’s a freeing exercise in being able to dance away the stress and even embrace the romantic side of life throughout it all (“Liar”), which, in a world, hell-bent on eating itself is certainly needed.


Just when you think they've hit an artistic plateau, they take another creative leap into the unknown, only to return with what feels like a deeper, more heartfelt statement of who they are. With This Is Why, Paramore underline that notion, pulling the artistic and emotional threads of their career into a cohesive, ardent whole.

Rolling Stone UK
Six albums into their career, Paramore prove once again why they're still one of music's most important voices.
Classic Rock

Paramore have successfully remoulded the cornerstones of their music not only for the new times we find ourselves in, but also for a personal evolution,and maturity evident across This Is Why.

The Forty-Five
Paramore's sixth album continues to evolve their sound, proving they are far from a legacy band.
Evening Standard
The Tennessee guitar pop band’s sixth album ranges from volcanic energy to slower tracks that suggest an appealing maturity.
From 2005's "All We Know Is Falling" to 2023's "This Is Why", PARAMORE's sound has hugely evolved, starting with strict alt-rock and morphing into pop-punk, power pop, emo and beyond. While some fans may miss the "Riot"-era PARAMORE, there's something to be respected about a band that's hungry for change and growth.
Distorted Sound

This Is Why in a strange position; arguably a very good album, but one that feels as if it doesn’t play to PARAMORE’s strengths quite as much in its drive to experiment, and one that only pays off partially.


Tennessee titans Paramore ponder life, love and what we lose as the world grows louder on striking sixth album This Is Why.

The Needle Drop

This is why This is Why is Paramore's best album to date.

The Telegraph

Listening to their sixth studio album This is Why, 13 years on, it’s striking to reflect on how much Paramore have changed. This is an album filled with bops, markedly more pop than punk, although there remains an alternative edge.

The Independent
Hayley Williams shouts lines like protest slogans on a sixth album that unravels the myriad contradictions of modern life.
The Guardian
The pop-punk band have progressed from teenage bile to thirtysomething angst, expressed with agitated drumming, angular guitars, big riffs and heartfelt lyrics.
Rolling Stone
Their latest proves that grown up life is in 2023 is just as brutal as teen angst.
Under the Radar

This Is Why, like After Laughter, suffers slightly from front-loading imbalance. The back half of the album feels tonally different from the front, more personal and relational and coming closer to their pop punk roots.

Spectrum Culture

This is Why takes a broad spectrum of ideas and keeps them in tension with each other. The past faces the future, the personal rubs against the political, confidence depicts uncertainty.

A worthy if mildly disappointing addition to Paramore's canon.

On their first album in nearly six years, the Tennessee trio traverses pop-punk, New Wave, and various other stylings with cohesion and flair.

No Ripcord
Having proven themselves time and time again, they've far outpaced those unwilling to grow up with them.
Hayley Williams and co. pivot to jittery, crackling post-punk on their sixth album, but the monotone vocals and political lyrics don’t always play to their strengths.
Record Collector
The pickings thin out afterwards – vaporous closer Thick Skull practically dissolves – but not before Paramore assert a slick, strident case for their longevity.

We live in a world where this is the best rock album since Lil Yachty


I expected this thing to be a pile of crap. I didn’t like the singles. I was really unimpressed.

Then Fantano gave it an 8. The rest is history. I realized I had no taste and I was wrong all along. I have changed my score to match his accordingly. Thank you for your service dad

… but seriously this is a great listen all around with clever writing, tons of personality, and front to back incredible instrumentals.


Poppin my Paramussy

Paramore, the Tennessee rock act most notable for being one of the most quintessential bands of the mid 2000’s pop-punk and emo scene has been at it for nearly TWENTY YEARS now. That’s weird to think about because I’ve always seen them as a very young band. I think a huge part of that is because, while other bands they came up with broke up, are no longer getting mainstream attention, or quite simply stopped making good music, Paramore still feels like a ... read more


I really don't understand why people like this so much. I didn't find really anything redeeming about this project. I guess it's just me but I don't like it.

Songs added: N/A


Best Paramore album musically, thematically, and generally. I don't think I've ever listened to one album more times in a row than this one.

-1 point for 'Thick Skull' making me sad(der than the rest).


When This is Why came out and was played a lot, I thought the title track was incredibly grating and annoying. I've come back to this album now that I'm more into Paramore and really appreciate it. I love the production, the fun guitar and drums, and Hayley's vocals. There's a few songs on this album that I both love and hate at the same time.

-This Is Why: Grown on me a lot, think it's a lot of fun and super catchy. I like the music video. The lyrics are kinda corny and make me want to roll ... read more

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