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Just going off the intro, I can't tell what I think of this. It certainly feels like a Flaming Lips song, but I think it may be a tad bit overproduced. Plus it sometimes sounds kind of annoying with just how absurdly happy it comes off. Some of the psychedelic effects were kind of fun, but they definitely weren't taken quite as far as they were on their previous 2 albums.
Free Radicals is definitely just annoying though. It has that same overly happy feel, but just REALLY over the top this ... read more


This is my favorite album of all time.


The Flaming Lips return partially to their alternative rock sound here, stripping back the psychedelic tones for a more poppy and hooky sound, but here utilize that sound to continue to push forward with their oddities and strange and inventive sensibilities.

At the very least, although silly, it is hard not to enjoy The Flaming Lips here at the beginning of the decade, when their growth has been exponential and their sound has taken on a more vibrant form. Even if they seem to take a few ... read more


album of the day
GREAT album. from what i’ve seen, this album had a kind of lukewarm reception and i do NOT understand why. this is an incredible time.
FAV TRACK: My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion


waiting to see the flaming lips live as I type this lessgo
This album is aight, it has the wand and the yeah yeah yeah song which are good songs :)


At War With The Mystics has some of their other popular tracks like The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song and The W.A.N.D. and has a similairly painted album cover to Yoshimi even if I like this one more. People seem to like this one less however so I wasn't sure about this and this is them taking the psychedelic pop from Yoshimi and putting more indie rock into it with even better production. I like it more than Yoshimi to put it bluntly even if the second track while still pretty great is the weakest one ... read more

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