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Logic's best album, and it isn't because "he brought real hip-hop back". It is instead due to a great variety of sounds, as well as paying homage transparently and respectfully. Logic is outclassed multiple times throughout this album, but it isn't a huge issue in the grand scheme of things here. Logic has charm, charisma, personality, and a great sense of himself on this project. In a way, this is a redeeming album for himself, trying to bridge together his past albums with this one. ... read more


Favourite: Orville (feat. Like, Blu & Exile)
Worst: Nardwuar (feat. Doc D)

1. Danger - [Not Included]
[Yeh Morgan, Logic isn't the goat]

2. Tetris - 8
[Not too bad, really like the transition between tracks]

3. In My Lifetime (feat. Action Bronson) - 9
[This song really rewinds to the times, the Big Pun sample and the style sound like something from about 30 years ago]

4. Decades - 9
[I really like the message behind the track, simples message and the production work is just elite]

5. ... read more


Everyone shut up. He did it. Can we dial down the hate for him.

Logic comes back from retirement with his last album under Def Jam, “Vinyl Days” and boy does it live up to the name. From the J Dilla Donuts inspired samples and adlibs to Logic’s witty lyricism reminiscent of his early mixtape days, this album acts as a warm love letter to the golden era of hip hop. Logic capitalizes on the boom bap side here, making it sound more vintage than even the boom bap production on ... read more


On “Vinyl Days”, Logic extends and fleshes out the sonic aesthetic of his Doc D tape from last year with some fantastic production, features, and plenty of skits, and the result is one of my favorite Logic projects (if not my favorite). Yeah, it’s too long and there are too many unnecessary moments, but the music here is so fun and likable that it ends up being a great and enjoyable listen regardless.


now, that's more like it. though it's pretty long, this new record from logic & co. is pretty quality if you ignore the massive amount of skits and interludes. however, even without the 9 short tracks, there are still 21 complete songs that rarely stray from top-notch production and vocal delivery. logic's juvenile, rebellious voice pairs really well with these boom-bap beats (which sport fresh-sounding percussion on every track), and the flow and wordplay is some of his best work. there's ... read more


List of people Logic dropped a better album than this year: Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, Pusha T, Billy Woods, Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine, Black Star, and Big K.R.I.T

Edit: nvmd there were better albums. Still cool album tho

Logic of all people did that. That’s crazy

Also Orville might be my favorite rap song this year


Inicialmente, Logic era um artista que não chamava muito minha atenção pois via sua discografia como algo bem inconsistente, contudo, desde 2020 o rapper está me surpreendendo bastante com seus lançamentos, enquanto em 'No Pressure', ele surpreendia bastante a quem poderia estar com baixas expectativas para seu novo disco pelos seus 2 últimos lançamentos terem sido péssimos com seu melhor álbum em anos, no ano seguinte com ... read more


i got my shit taken for a bit
i couldnt talk to nobody and listening to this was very hard due to my depression getting worse and worse
this album was good but due to my mental health affecting the listening experience of this this felt worse
btw the beat 10 years is insane btw
i wish this album had more of a concept bc it feels like it had one but it was nonexistent i guess
this shit wasn't bad the beats felt samey at times logic had bars
plus hes saying nigga more cool!



Logic is a figure in hip hop that I am a really big fan of. I think albums of his like "Under Pressure", "The Incredible True Story" and "No Pressure" are some really damn great projects! Now, there WAS that one point in time where from 2016-2019 where Logic dropped nothing but mid album after mid album, and I was legit afraid that this album was gonna fall short and be a sad ending to Logic leaving Def Jam.

Clearly, this album did not disappoint

I ... read more


most active retired rapper of all time 🔥🔥


TL;DR: Yeah I guess it's alright

I decided I would listen to Logic first before Drake I think that should say everything on how I feel about both these artists.

Those that are Logic fans will definitely like this, but I'm not a Logic fan so I will have nice and not so nice things to say about this album.

One nice thing I have to say about this album although I have some problems with as well is the production. Yes the production is good, now let's get to what I don't like about the ... read more


*Update* 75 ====> 80

A heartfelt tribute to old-school hip hop

Logic, although having some great records and songs in his discography, is still one of the most hated rappers of all time. And the toxic fan base, and releasing one of the worst records of all time (confessions of a dangerous mind) might be the main reasons. I mean he basically became a meme after that. But well according to fantano (who's basically being.... um.... i guess logic is just thanking him?) He was messing with us ... read more


Oh my fucking god. He did it.

This is the comeback we desperately needed from Bobby. As a longtime Logic fan this was the most fun I've ever had listening to one of his projects. It's a little long, but with how entertaining a lot of these skits bars and features are, it more than warrants it's runtime. This album is true love letter from a major hip-hop nerd, and as a major hip-hop nerd myself, I had a smile on my face for essentially every track. Fantastic features across the board, ... read more


logic is back baby !!!!!

With his best album he ever made. Along with wonderful beats in which you can hear this fun with content and creativity. Logic itself is the best performance of his career, with very smart plays and just as smart lyrics. Where can you hear that Logic wants to show his talent and I show it with a super-energetic flow and with guest appearances that are as good as logic give us one of the best albums of the year.

best song
Breath Control

least fav song ... read more


tbh this is an example of an amazing 30 song album, the outro to it is godly. i love every aspect of it so much, so many standouts in my opnion, and ill definetly relisten at some point. logic might’ve actually made aoty? i’ve never seen logic as a main rapper but after this release he’s on his way up. so much respect, even tho it was kinda long. great ass listen.
favs: sayonara, porta one, orvile, decades
least favs: cloud, tory revolori. and some of the interludes
(i loved ... read more


It’s 2022 and Logic has released a better album than Kendrick.


All my biggest complaints about Logic and all the things I like about him haven't changed. I think his strengths lie as a producer, and that his rapping is just okay with the tendency to get as bad as some of Lupe Fiasco's worst albums when he really fucks it up. I think he overly relies on referencing and sounding like other, better acts and channeling that through his music. Earlier in his career, he was dickriding Kendrick, Cole, and Drake like crazy. Now? It's Blu & Exile, Cypress Hill, ... read more


The surprise of the year

Huh, I wasn't expecting to like that album as much as I did. So, just like most people on this site, I'm not that huge of a fan of Logic. His inconsistency has made his reputation fall into this pool of mediocrity that's pretty hard to get out of, especially after being the creator of two of the most despised and laughed at records of the 2010s, yet, "No Pressure", his follow-up to both of those records, got people's hopes up, and well, "Vinyl ... read more


Throwin' some respect on old-school hip-hop for REAL!!!

Logic retirement arc is him at his prime. I guess I can't act too surprised considering that the last actual album (ignoring the mixtapes) was his best up until that point. What would actually surprise me is if any hip-hop junkie didn't get something out of this album.

Now Logic is back, straight up delivering one of the greatest hip-hop albums of the year, all boiling down to insanely high production value and the most down to earth ... read more


definitely a bit long but omg LOGIC, yeah no pressure was really good but damn this is another step up for logic, pls can you stay consistent now everyone's on your side again tho 😭


I’m trying to think of a pun involving Logic. I cant. Its like I lack all logic. That was bad. Please laugh anyways so i feel good


Oh boy, I can't complain about anything in this album. This shit is a 71 minutes homage to hip-hop, where Logic raps his fucking ass off on every single track, the beats are fucking fantastic, and Deluxe goddamn features (and Wiz Khalifa). Thank you Logic, I fucking needed this, I never believed but here the fuck it is and it's fantastic, idk what else to say.


Please retire more often. Despite a few corny bars and lyrical miracle moments (I'm looking at you 'BLACKWHITEBOY'), this is Logic's best album. I appreciate the genuine, wholesome tribute to hip-hop but the Dilla/Madlib worship can get overwhelming. No track (except the closer) outstays its welcome but this means some tracks feel like unfinished ideas. Features are solid and the skits are actually entertaining. I'm looking forward to 'College Park' and 'MadGic' with Madlib.

Favourite Tracks: ... read more


Logic is back with some groovy boom-bap, lyrical verses, and vintage aesthetics. A very solid project!


I always knew Logic had it in him.

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