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100+ works that have, in some way, shaped the world we live in today.
Updated 1y ago146 albums 26
re-worked may 8, 2020
Updated 1y ago200 albumsRanked 25
(Inspired by DoubleZ's fantastic "The history of the albums") Trying to rate all the albums AOTY users love in chronological order. Rules: 1. Every album on here is listed in ...
Updated 4d ago1,062 albums 21
basically i'm gonna try listening to + rating one of the highest rated albums from "every" genre on RYM. i'll be skipping some of the incredibly broad genres that act more as a wide ...
Updated 10mo ago150 albumsRanked 17
Every year one album released by a much beloved act gets branded like an unfortunate heifer with the cursed ‘just below average’ score of 49% 🔥 🐄 🔥
Updated 1mo ago55 albums 14
Do livro "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". Todas as edições. Completo.
Updated 1y ago1,079 albumsRanked 14
Since RLM was designed by a team of chimps there isn't ever a consistent top ten albums. So my process is 1) Check if there are ten albums in the top rated chart. 2) If there isn't ten instead do ...
Updated 4w ago2,517 albums 13
did this for a school project
Updated 5d ago312 albumsRanked 12
Updated 1y ago1,301 albums 10
albums i wanna revisit/listen to for the first time also imma let the scores stay until I listened to everything :) (yes i will actually finish this, someday)
Updated 2mo ago53 albums 9 This a list for GTA ...
Updated 6mo ago262 albums 6
Based completly on: This is simply just me doing what Rakk did first....but I'm doing it...
Updated 3w ago346 albums 6
Just a list of albums I want to listen to again or for the first time.
Updated 1mo ago94 albumsRanked 4
Updated 23h ago109 albumsRanked 3
Updated 4w ago419 albumsRanked 3
Updated 1w ago200 albumsRanked 2
A Fistful of Fingers ain't even a real movie maaaaaan
Updated 2mo ago125 albums 2
These are the albums I should listen at least at one point of my life so okay.
Updated 3d ago217 albums 2
Updated 3w ago264 albums 2
Updated 1y ago148 albumsRanked 2

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