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Aight, so the spring SZNZ EP wasnt... great. I was praying, tho, that that was just a fluke and maybe the summer EP would be better and more consistent with what Weezer does best, considering one of their best albums is also a summer themed album. And gotta say, this is prob their best album since White! This is prob one of their most fiery and passionate project in a big fat minute. The heavy riffs on tracks like "Records" and "Thank You and Good Night" are legit really ... read more


'SZNZ: Summer' is Weezer's best work since OK Human, and a showcase of the band's talent, even after almost 30 years.

Spring was... mediocre. It was cheesy, sometimes boring and generally played it too safe. This album sees Weezer go in a much heavier direction, in a similar vain to 'Van Weezer'. Except here, it's pulled off a lot better, leading to each song being good in its own right.

I won't go over each song, but I will mention that 'Thank You and Good Night' is one of Weezer's best ... read more


Aside from the obvious goofiness (well is it even weezer if it's not goofy?) And rivers cuomo's vocals, sznz:summer is overally a good record. a mix of alternative rock, symphonic rock, and some thrash metal type of riffs here and there, the second installment in weezer's 4 seasons EP series is a level up compared to the first EP from the series


White Album energy is back!!!

I adore that record so this should be right in my lane, though I'm not going to hide that the first 2 tracks got me a bit worried

"Lawn Chair" and "Records" are fine and that's about it but thankfully the record picks up heavily on "Blue Like Jazz"

Everything from track 3-7 is just great! "Cuomoville" is unexpectedly very enjoyable and "Thank You and Good Night" is a nice closer but this middle part of the LP ... read more


This EP is fucking amazing. I got the same feeling I had from listening to OK Human while listening to this EP; I smiled the whole time and my right leg was fucking bouncing everywhere, it's just so much goddamn fun. This is basically Maladroit combined with White, making this EASILY one of the best Weezer projects to date, which is saying a lot cause they are a 30 YEAR OLD BAND.

They go from OK Human-like sounds, to the Maladroit sound, to the original Weezer sound, they really do something ... read more


Another season, another Weezer

Well I didn’t have much hope after the spring EP and going into this I was expecting nothing that interesting. I can tell you right now, this is for sure better than the spring EP but not by much. There are some actual decent moments on this album but they are surrounded by some duds. Thank You and Good Night is actually a pretty cool song. I still don’t like Cuomo’s voice that much though. Records is kind of catchy but still kinda bland. Lawn ... read more


Heavier riffs and less cheesy hooks than the 'SZNZ: Spring' EP make this EP the best in the series so far. While it's not as good as 'OK Human', this definitely could have been much worse and serves as a bit of a breath of fresh air in Weezer's weak discography.

Favourite Tracks: Records*, Blue Like Jazz, Thank You And Good Night


WEEZER | 17/19

Well, that was unexpected.

This EP is the best thing Weezer have made since OK Human. And while that may not sound like a crazy accomplishment as that record was only one album ago, but after an incredibly mediocre LP and an even worse start to the SZNS EP series in Spring, we finally get another great project by the band. They truly feel alive again. All it took was a solid infusion of the best parts of the fun and poppy white record, the lush and at times intimate moments of ... read more


that's definitely weezer


Weezer is back with another EP and it unfortunately continues their tradition of subpar releases since Pinkerton. How is a bad with so much personality and wit able to consistently release some of the most uninspired borderline ironic music. I understand it's not like the boys take themself that seriously but for real, it is kinda old my guys. This EP has a glassy finish just like Spring but this time is a little heavier but with little edge and inspiration to make it worth while.


the entire SZNZ double album will be one of the best in Weezer's discography if they continue in this direction (Spring was also good because Shakespeare makes me happy)


SZNZ: Spring was an unfortunate disappointment, with the EP feeling like a rehash of the Green Album with added influences from OK Human. Luckily SZNZ: Summer picks up the slack with a batch of songs, that while not mind-blowingly amazing, are a nice return to the Power-Pop sound of 2008-2016 Weezer. The guitar tones are fun and pull from many different styles they've attempted over the years, mainly like a mix of Red and White, which creates this sound that's very very addicting. Records has ... read more


Wow. This is like top 5 weezer hands down no question. I am at a loss for words. I'm so happy I was here for another excellent weezer release after 30 fucking years


I'm starting to think that Weezer just isn't for me lol. I like this a bit better than Spring, solely because this one feels a little more creative than a lot of the moments on that record. But this kind of pop-rock is just NOT my thing... Blue Like Jazz and the closer are definitely my favorites, but I'm not at all blown away by them; I just find them to be the most coherent songs that are also intriguing. I see a lot of people comparing this to their White album, so maybe whenever I get ... read more


I was quite worried for the Summer EP given how rough I found Spring came out, plus I was wondering if this meant they'd return to the summer millennial pop of Pacific Daydream for summer. To my surprise though, this EP was not that at all, it is some of the hardest that Weezer's ever rocked, and even goes so much harder than Van Weezer. The first couple songs go back to the baroque pop of OK Human except with those signature heavy Blue style choruses. I guess this shouldn't be too surprising ... read more


Best: Thank You and Good Night

first time Weezer has been this heavy and aggressive since Pinkerton, maybe they should do this more
feels like a bunch of different styles from their previous albums were combined into this, and they do it amazingly


Either these EPs remain uninteresting or I am beginning to get tired of the same old clichés from Weezer.
Any way you slice it, these ratings are way too high.


"Cuomoville" is a bit self-centered don't you think?


This is how Weezer should sound.

If Rivers insists on changing their sound, subtle changes for an album like this and OK Human are the way to go. This record has a fiery energy while keeping their signature dorky feel. While Spring had this cheesy feel, I felt like it was flawed from the start due to it being almost solely acoustic rather than layered nice. Songs like 'Whats the Good of Being Good' and 'The Opposite of Me' have licks of their prior works with this angrier, yet still wimpy edge ... read more


Way better than Spring.


Weezer, more like ________ .

This is the second installment of Weezer's SZNZ series, now summer themed. I liked the first EP they put out back in march, I thought it was a very charming and harmless project, even if it had its corny moments. This EP pretty much carries the same kinda structure of the previous EP, with some grand opening kinda shit, fun and harmless songs, etc. This time the production is actually really good, it almost reminds of the stuff they did in like the early 2000's, ... read more


Quite a step up from SNZN Spring

While I haven't heard a full length from Weezer I've heard the two SZNZ EP's that dropped for Spring and Summer this year. I liked Spring and thought it had a nice vibe and some pretty solid production and songwriting. Summer however takes the same things that made Spring so good and stepped them up by a lot. The songwriting here is great, production is great and the vibe is great all killer no filler

Score - 8/10

Fav Tracks - Lawn Chair, Records, Blue Like ... read more


definitely an improvement over spring but still 3 out of seven tracks that are mid or just make the weirdest choices. like what the fuck is that bridge on cuomoville christ

the other tracks all go hard tho especially thank you and goodnight and overall it was pretty enjoyable.


Y’all are overrating tf out of this.



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