Foals - Life Is Yours
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I legitimately listened to this album 4 times in a row to understand how I felt. This is arguably Foals' most fun album, it's dance-y, it's consistent, it's got a lot of solid hooks. After a while, it does start to bleed together, not too unlike past Foals material. This is an interesting direction for the band, but it feels like it is missing the emotional gravity of some of their more memorable songs.


This sounds like when you let AI make a soundtrack for a FIFA game.


Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost 1&2 for me were the blandest albums in the whole Foals discography, but now it's back what I liked the most most in this band.


After the double album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Foals return with Life is Yours seeing them change their sound into a more Alternative Dance route, and sadly made it simply too safe, There are some decent songs on here but everything feels so dated and stale by the time this released and with more interesting album coming out such as Everything Everything's new album this album feels like it was released 3 years too late and stands nowhere near to their earlier career

Track ... read more


This is my first time listening to Foals since their debut in 2008. Fourteen years have passed and this is a very very different band apparently. However, like their debut, this is very very samey and somehow quite endearing. They are not pulling up any trees but this is a pleasant summery album that would be nice to listen to at a festival whilst supping on cider.

Essential Track - Under the Radar


After a change in sound, Foals brings us a bright synth-pop album that is well-produced and pleasant on the ears but sadly, many of the tracks end up blending together due to a lack of variety and certain excitement.


It's the polar opposite of "edgy": Round, soft, freaking sweet. It commits to its mission until the end. No change-up, nothing.

What's funny is that I'm not bored with this at all. I know, it feels like listening to the same song 11 times but I don't mind, it's an easy, fun listen. It reminds me of Invisible Touch, except that it doesn't try to "we still real rockers" the listener. Isn't that awesome?

Favorite tracks: 2am, 2001


Life Is Yours - 5/5 ❤
Wake Me Up - 3/5
2am - 5/5 ❤
2001 - 3/5
(summer sky) - 3/5
Flutter - 3/5
Looking High - 3/5
Under The Radar - 3/5
Crest of the Wave - 3/5
The Sound - 4/5
Wild Green - 5/5 ❤


Judging from the singles, I expected this album to be rather mediocre. However, the way the songs flow together in context of the album make them a lot stronger in my opinion. Each track flows pretty seamlessly from one to another and I think the band has done a great job with choosing where to place these songs in the track list. Foals have returned to their dance roots and while it may not be in as unique a way as antidotes, this modern alt/indie take on retro disco music consistently ... read more


they gentrified my favorite dance punk band

no i don't know what gentrified means i just think it sounds fitting for this album


This is the hotel lobby-fication of Foals

WAY more palatable than their last record, and the production is pretty great. The ideas are even (dare I say) there. But the songwriting is so mediocre. Yes, I too enjoy a song like "Wake Me Up", which is a classic Foals pop tune through and through. Even the groove on "2am" is pretty cool. But what the fuck happened with the other singles. Some, like "2001" and "Looking High" had some great ideas going for ... read more


El mayor cambio musical en la trayectoria de FOALS

Los ingleses liderados por Yannis Philippakis, son una de esas agrupaciones que se han mantenido constantes a lo largo de los años, y es que desde su debut en 2008 con "Antidotes" y con "Total Life Forever" en 2010, se han mantenido presentes en el gusto de los melómanos, especialmente en latinoamérica. Para este séptimo álbum, el grupo vuelve a los reflectores después de lo ... read more


A good album for the summer, and although it has its flaws, it still serves with good production and infectious melodies.


A really nice album. I liked pretty much everything. The songs are chill and uplifting, which is great. And I can't even say something else about it. The album's just good and I like it.


Duuuude, not the year I'm finally watching them live:(

Fav track:
- Crest of the Wave

Least faves:
- Wake Me Up
- 2am
- Looking High
- Under The Radar


I rarely had so little to say about an album as Oxford band Foals’ seventh album Life Is Yours, so let’s hear what the band has to say about it. “We wanted to write music that would be a forcefield against the darkness, rather than try to proselytise people,” singer Yannis Philippakis told NME in an interview. Unfortunately, the album quickly unfolds as one of these albums best consumed in small doses, an album drowning in its own artificial energy, getting lost in ... read more


After the career high that was their two part Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, British indie rock mainstays Foals return with a comparatively dull record. Pushing their sound in a dance oriented direction, I will say I was at least interested in the first four tracks. However, everything gets very dull very quickly, reaching a point where each track is identical to the one before it. I also was not a fan of Yannis' lyrics, which just came across as really lazy. Their are definite positives ... read more


Una tortura. Es como si el chiste de "musica de festival" fuese cada vez más real. Por momentos se siente el throwback con sonidos synthpop de los 80s pero ni siquiera ahí logra generar algo.


Foals - Life is Yours

Genre: Indie Rock
Country: UK

Final Verdict: 58% (Pleasant Album)
Yearly Ranking: 369th / 535

Highlight: 2001

Made me think of:
Bombay Bicycle Club
Bloc Party


Not a bad album but nothing really outstands.

Life Is Yours - 7/10
Wake Me Up - 7/10
2am - 8.5/10
2001 - 8/10
(summer sky) - 6.5/10
Flutter - 7.5/10
Looking High - 7/10
Under The Radar - 7.5/10
Crest of the Wave - 7/10
The Sound - 7/10
Wild Green - 7.5/10


Absolutely some bops but I found this a bit boring


so I've been a foals fan for a while now and loved the previous double album that the band put out so I was quite exited to see what this one had in store for us. And where I wouldn't say I was disappointed I certainly wasn't absolutely blown away with this album. overall it has a much lighter feel and is clearly more of a summer vibes album but that isn't inherently a bad thing. over the course of this album I found myself having a really fun time with some catchy riffs and the light, high ... read more


it should be a crime to be so mid


▲ = Life Is Yours, Wake Me Up, 2AM, 2001, Looking High, Crest of the Wave
▬ = Flutter, Under the Radar, The Sound, Wild Green
▼ =

OH YEAH FOALS RELEASE TIME BABAY!!! Honestly, I am pretty late to the Foals hype train, only hopping on board on ENSWBL1, but they've been arguably the most fun sounding bands out there at the moment. With Life Is Yours, the band branches further into the dance-pop realm of their style, much akin in style to those of late 2000s Phoenix and late 80s/early 90s ... read more


Foals’ shimmery, art rock has changed so much over the years. This is easily their most poppy album to date and it mostly pays off.

Life is Yours is really front loaded with a few key songs to close out the back half. The opening three tracks were VERY strong as they nailed a very vibrant and luscious indie pop arena sound. These tactics sort of ware thin towards halfway though as the lyrics sort of get drowned out by the instrumentation.

It’s still a good Foals album but it ... read more

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