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(watch my moves)

Kurt Vile - (watch my moves)
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A.V. Club
Vile’s sprawling new album captures the magic, loss, and wonderment of being alive.
Northern Transmissions
There really is no weak spot on the album, and though it might take awhile to attach special memories to these songs like fans have with his older albums, after a while this one just might prove to be the pick of the bunch.
Under the Radar
He’s “hip” to everything, but seeking his own brand of freedom, and his ability to connect with so many different influences and filter it all through his own matrix and have it come out like a concoction that is an extension of his person is a sublime artistic gift indeed.

There are hints of arena-rock maturity – a splash of atmospheric synth here, a female vocal harmony there — but Vile still prefers to sing about exactly what's on his mind in the order it emerges, with little regard for structure or scansion.

Loud and Quiet

His laidback psych is purely him, as natural as it comes. He mentions how he was physically in one place but his mind was travelling; this psychically-powered journey is the tranquil thread which runs all the way through (watch my moves).

Philly's wandering minstrel returns to his roots on epic ninth album.

With (watch my moves), Kurt Vile possibly creates indie rock's first ambient masterwork, a piece of art that is surprisingly and lovingly languid, even for the king of slack.

The Observer
Tuneful to a fault and happily in the moment, the US singer-songwriter’s latest set is an unalloyed delight.
On this spacey and sprawling dream-pop adventure, the great modern American songwriter exudes the wholesome, easy charm he’s always held.
Sounds will be familiar (even comforting) to longtime fans, but there are so many unpredictable turns and head-scratching moments that Vile ends up taking his music somewhere new by approaching the same kind of songwriting he's been doing since he started from unlikely angles.
The Arts Desk

Vile’s mix of indie rock with psychedelia and Americana makes for a welcome escape.

Record Collector

On (watch my moves), sticking to what he knows is all the fuel Vile needs for lift-off.

Beats Per Minute
We have heard many albums about the pandemic and life within it, but this is more about about life after it; how to pick up the pieces of the lives we had before it and transform them into this new life that just relentlessly goes on. Vile’s music is attuned to the unrelenting progression of life.
On his eighth solo album, a cooped-up Vile alternates between fending off anxiety and finding solace in imagination.

Watch My Moves is a mess, but it’s often a glorious one.

Kurt Vile now builds albums the way other artists might compile demo collections. His latest LP conjures images of dreaming and traveling without worrying where they lead.
The Line of Best Fit

Ricocheting through the wandering quips and rustic palette of Watch My Moves, Vile resists any temptation to curtail his free-roaming private wilderness, doubling down on the ambling strand of songwriting sure to sate seasoned listeners.

Rolling Stone
Laid-back Philly guitar wizard’s ninth album stretches out and gets comfortable amidst the chaos.
For an album winding in length, it doesn’t outstay its welcome; if the jump to a major means more lovingly fashioned breeziness like this, then so much the better.
If you need a bit of escapism, '(watch my moves)' is what you’re looking for.

Indie rocker Kurt Vile returns with the sprawling, pondering, post-pandemic jam (watch my moves). Its best moments entrance and enthrall.

A constant reassuring presence in a world of flux, nothing much seems to have changed in Vile’s beatific world.
Slant Magazine

Kurt Vile’s Watch My Moves is a competently written set, but it’s disappointing to see the artist play it so safe.


Disclaimer: I hated the first three songs on my first two listens and this review was updated on my third listen.
**************RELEASED TODAY****************
Watch My Moves kicks off ridiculously earnest and loungey with enthusiastically playful and non-pretentious keys soundtrack Goin On A Plane Today and it actually made me laugh a couple of times, the brass is a nice touch too.

Flyin’ (like a fast train) is percussive and really endearing in a weird way as you feel as if you can hear ... read more


I don’t see you moving so why should I watch. In fact you are just sitting. Smh :/

Kurt Coba- I mean Vile. I only have heard a handful of songs by this dude but it’s pretty chill and nice so I decided to give his new record a spin today. And it’s fine. Nothing bad or offensive, just some chill vibes. I think there are definitely some misses but there are also some pretty great songs, even if they are drawn out. Every song on this album literally just takes one idea, and ... read more


New Kurt Vile is such a gift. I wasn't sure about the first three tracks, but after listening to the entire record, it's very much a return to the more laid-back acoustic jamming style of his older records. This very much reminds me of Childish Prodigy or Constant Hitmaker, which I still listen to all the time. He just doesn't have a bad record, period. Our generation's aloof, endearing and likable stoner singer-songwriter, keeping the spirit alive of countless baked-poets of our parents' ... read more


Kurt just seems to get better and better with age. This production is way better than on bottle it in, the writing is more consistent, and the playfulness is at an all time high... What's not to love!?


I lucked out with this album. Here it is mid-September and I'm asked to travel to rural North Carolina for work. I'm sitting on the tarmac in the plane when I start to hum a line...

"Goin' on a plane todaaaaay"

From there on, this album clicked perfectly. It's the latest the summer can get, the skies are oily yellow, the greens are so dark and rich they begin to look old, the hills are rolling by with old plantation farmhouses and dilapidated outbuildings. Cicadas going off every ... read more


One of the main popularizers of modern folk music, who stood at the origins of the War on Drugs and is known for the super-breaking hit Pretty Pimpin, which literally forced thousands of people to love this boring music with acoustic guitars, is again forcing us to do the same.

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