Pinegrove - Cardinal
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Based on 7 reviews
2016 Ratings: #69 / 721
Year End Rank: #44
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Based on 209 ratings
2016 Ratings: #97
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Consequence of Sound

Pinegrove builds and burns a lot on Cardinal, and they’re left with the hard-earned knowledge that everything’s probably going to be alright. It’s not the stuff teenage anthems are made of, maybe, but maturity comes with its own small pleasures.

In another place and time, Pinegrove could have ridden a self-assured record like this to widespread indie acclaim. Instead, it feels like an act of generosity, a record lovingly crafted and intimately written, full of sounds, observations, and emotional realizations that you didn’t know you wanted in 2016, but, in fact, needed desperately.

Cardinal feels like one big determined push outward, an album-length fight against solipsism without losing your sense of self in the process.

The Montclair, New Jersey's band's sound — off-the-cuff, loose heart-on-sleeve indie-rock cut with Americana — is the perfect vessel for that kind of premature twilight, anxiety and loss. Above all else, it feels so goddamned natural.
What they lack in showiness or branding, they make up for in honesty and slightly battered spirit.
What’s unique about Pinegrove is how they compress uncertainty, doubt and fear without being overbearing.
Pretty Much Amazing

While it never really strives for inventiveness, Cardinal is steeped in honesty so raw and delivered so loosely that it almost feels like a private show that your friends would put on in your basement. There’s no flash here, just a finely crafted batch of searingly personal indie rock songs.

Mar 9, 2016
Having trouble enjoying the lead singer's voice on a lot of the tracks here, but the production and writing is pretty solid, might grow on me overtime. Not bad.
Jan 7, 2018
The best thing about this alt-country, emo, indie rock mash-up is how goddamn catchy it is. If you end up enjoying the songs here, good luck getting any of them out of your head for a *while*.
Sep 3, 2017
Canciones Favoritas: Aphasia
Mar 16, 2017
A fantastic album that is great all the way through. There are so many wonderful tracks on this album and there is so much personality and brilliance put into the performances and lyrics. Tracks such as "Cadmium", "Size of the Moon", and "Aphasia" are unforgettable. This is a great album.

Added on: January 6, 2016