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projects that i’m anticipating. some more than others.
Updated 1d ago74 albumsRanked 16
albums I'm gonna listen to + predictions for future releases this year
Updated 5h ago83 albums 3
DATE OF RELEASE + HYPE LEVEL (OUT OF 5 FLAMES) If an album is not in this list, it means either I've missed it or I don't really care about it (most likely) Flames scale: 1 (interested), 2 (really ...
Updated 1d ago64 albums 3
Also just stuff that have already come out that I’m planning on getting to some time
Updated 1d ago64 albums 3
Unconfirmed albums I hope are coming: Weyes Blood: LP5 Prediction: 93 'Titanic Rising' is one of my favourite albums of all time and it's been 3 long years since that masterpiece. Pls drop ...
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Updated 4d ago43 albums 2
Updated 15h ago45 albumsRanked 2
Sorted in order of listening date and will be turned into a year-end list (which will exclude EP's) at, well, the end of the year. Scores are subject to change drastically. SCORE ...
Updated 8h ago90 albums 2
Albums I am excited for this year :)))
Updated 15h ago29 albums 1
Updated 2d ago284 albums 1
Updated 1h ago27 albums 1
if you want to recommend me an album, i will add it in here :)
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Updated 6d ago7 albums

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