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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 1h ago2,744 albumsRanked 65
Updated 2d ago531 albumsRanked 22
Updated 1w ago47 albums 21
The list formerly known as 'if 2022 is a good year I will drink vanilla extract'. This is every 2022 release I listened to, sorted by release date and then in order of how much I like them. And as ...
Updated 9h ago275 albums 13
Updated 3d ago51 albumsRanked 7
Cataloging every 2022 release that Pitchfork considers a Best New Album.
Updated 4d ago24 albums 6
All notable releases of 2022, according to yours truly. To be eligible for this list, the release must have a 60+ rating, which is the equivalent to a record that I consider cohesive in sound, ...
Updated 3d ago40 albumsRanked 5
Essential albums from the year 2022.
Updated 2d ago18 albumsRanked 5
anticipated albums for 2022 list in the order of the release date (earliest to latest) • albums that already released (if two releases on the same date it’s ordered highest to lowest) • albums ...
Updated 1m ago71 albumsRanked 5
this is way too many albums wtf is wrong with me yes i know this is a lot of /mu/ nerd bullshit
Updated 5m ago1,587 albumsRanked 5
Radiohead's discography in chronological order.
Updated 1mo ago60 albumsRanked 5
(things i wanna listen to or relisten)
Updated 1h ago565 albums 3
Updated 1h ago527 albums 3
Updated 7h ago313 albums 2
Shitty year for music tbh
Updated 1d ago27 albumsRanked 2
Remember, my opinion is factual. If you disagree, you should delete your account and go get ear surgery.
Updated 1d ago86 albumsRanked 2
Updated 19h ago41 albums 2

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