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Radiohead with a better drummer
For real guys, this is just as good as any amazing Radiohead album but with a slightly harder emphasis on math rock and krautrock. So basically everything I love.


"Radiohead-lite is still better than most bands"

-JDX_99 on RateYourMusic

I can't see myself ever caring enough to sit down and listen to this whole album again, but it was a fine listen while I was here. Most of these tracks sound amazing, but have almost no substance from Thom. Not much reason for me to return honestly.

Still... better than the Chainsmokers

Edit (69 -> 71): I am actually mad this grew on me a bit because these 2 points I give this for the few moments growing ... read more


I want to eat the album cover

YO FUCK YEA this wasn’t underwhelming I’m so happy. Radiohead is easily one of my favorite bands, and Thom Yorke is a huge part of that, so of course I was excited to hear what he had planned for The Smile. Honestly with some of the singles I was real worried this would be kinda meh but man the deep cuts did a great job at making this album more consistent. Even if every song isn’t the best there are some incredibly good moments here. I love how ... read more


take a shot every time i say radiohead in this review.

six years since a radiohead-adjacent project, and they’ve come back. this album is probably the best radiohead side project so far, probably cause it sounds the most like radiohead, specifically king of limbs and moon shaped pool radiohead. even then, this still has its own identity separate from radiohead. some of the songs drag and the pacing is kinda dogshit but the songs are all bangers. radiohead radiohead radiohead radiohead.


Over two years since the beginning of the global lockdowns, listeners are still being fed a plethora of “COVID albums” on a regular basis. While these past few years have been traumatic for almost everyone and has lead to some truly great projects, I can’t help but feel exhausted by “COVID albums” as many of them hit a lot of the same ideas and the execution of these ideas can often lead to some not great results (looking at you Arcade Fire). However, there is one ... read more


Durante o lockdown por causa da pandemia da covid-19, os integrantes do Radiohead Thom yorke e Jonny Greenwood junto ao baterista do Sons Of Kemet criaram o projeto The Smile. Agora pode-se ver o resultado do primeiro disco dessa colaboração com os membros do Radiohead e do Sons Of Kemet, o qual penso que foi de uma surpreendente alta qualidade. Em 'A Light For Attracting Attention' o grupo entrega um álbum que além de surpreender ao conseguir trazer algo tão ... read more


Wow while my gods didn't disappoint on this one. You know you are in for a treat when the side project is as good as their main band. With the addition of drummer Tom Skinner, Thom and Jonny craft a magnificently beautiful album that is their most guitar centric release since In Rainbows and I absolutely adore the musicianship across the board on this project. The art rock and borderline math rock sounds of this album are performed so naturally and fluidly that it barley feels like a debut ... read more


The Smile, a band comprising of two Radiohead members Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood with Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner, are here with their debut record, and surprising to no one it is absolutely incredible. The amount of emotions Thom Yorke is able to pull out of someone through his songwriting never ceases to impress me, and his vocals are gorgeous throughout the album, especially his falsetto.

Instrumentally, the record is exquisite, whether it be the delicate string orchestration on ... read more


The debut album of The Smile sees Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead team up with Tom Skinner (drummer of critically acclaimed jazz band Sons of Kemet). We get to hear some old Radiohead/Thom Yorke demos finally fully realised ('Open The Floodgates', 'Skrting On The Surface', etc.). This really does sound like a Radiohead album, albeit with some much needed life breathed back into them after the emotionally devastating statement that was 2016's 'A Moon Shaped Pool'.

Favourite Tracks: ... read more


Covid-19 breakout group The Smile, composed of members of Radiohead, give us a very pleasurable album which was a side project of theirs. It's really impressive how they keep their consistency and professionalism on a side project. I'm a real sucker for Radiohead's stuff, and this is no exception, the album is very mystifying while at the same time very calm and relaxed. Reminds me of why Radiohead is one of my favorite bands of all time.


Radiohead bois Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood team up with Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner to create an offshoot band named "The Smile" We've basically been teased with this album with live performances for quite a while now, and here we're finally getting an album. And the results are pretty damn great honestly, with some pretty great art rock and math rock! I mean, this isn't as great as most of Radiohead's albums, but for an offshoot band, it's pretty damn good. Some pretty ... read more


If you are not already convinced, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood are generational songwriters; and to see another project from the two has been exciting. It has been six years since we have heard any collaborative studio output from these two. In total disregard for the effects of time, the same level of musical excellence we know from Radiohead has persisted. The only gap between Radiohead and The Smile is certainly not heard in any of the sounds here. Tom Skinner brings a couple of ... read more


If Radiohead is the main game, The Smile feels like a DLC to tide you over until the next full release. While it remains true to many familiar sounds of the Radiohead catalogue, its performances and dynamic track list make it a worthwhile expansion.

Standout Tracks: Free In The Knowledge, The Smoke, You Will Never Work In Television Again


The Smile é mais um projeto paralelo ao Radiohead. Dessa vez, é a fusão de Yorke com seu parceiro de composição, Jonny, em conjunto com Tom Skinner, baterista do Sons of Kemet e colaborador de longa data de Floating Points e Kano. Segundo o vocalista, a inspiração do nome não vem de um riso positivo, mas sim do sorriso sagaz que uma pessoa faz quando ela mente para você. A Light for Attracting Attention é o disco de estreia ... read more


I was highly anticipating The Smile's debut album since the first singles started dropping, I was very interested in checking it out since the singles were really damn good and I found myself very interested in seeing what Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead and drummer Tom Skinner of Sons of Kemet fame would create with this new project and yeah, it's pretty good all in all. The highlights are well and truly worth checking out this project for since some of them are genuinely ... read more


Is it bad this is my first exposure to Radiohead?


wow, what a day for music, the smile and kendrick dropping the best albums of the year, eliminating my worries for dissapointments.

when the smile decided to release a total of six singles (albeit, incredible singles), let's just say my hopes for the album were dwindling when the fourth came out, then a fifth came, then a sixth.

this recklessness in single releasing rotation had me very concerned whether this lack of management would transfer to the deep cuts on this album. but happily, ... read more

92 I supposed to be smiling while listening to this?


I love this thing, but it is so resemblant of Radiohead’s work that it doesn’t feel like it warrants an entirely different project to get these tracks out there. The Same and Speech Bubbles both feel like they would’ve been highlights on The King of Limbs, The Smoke could've fit snuggly between the more lowkey cuts on Hail to the Thief, You Will Never Work In Television Again sounds like it could’ve come from The Bends session but with considerably better ... read more


I had never heard a single Radiohead song until April 2021. But when I did they changed my perspective on music and what it could be, This is the first time ever hearing a album by Thom or Jonny as it had been released so what do I think of it? A lot of protest and politically charged lyrics here but unlike some of the previous Thom Yorke & Radiohead works there's almost a sense of hope here. That everything will still somehow and some way be okay. This is most evident in Free In The ... read more



Wow they've done it again. Radiohe- oh I mean The Smile can never seem to miss can they? This is up there with their best material. This album has such an ominous atmosphere it's hard to put it into words. The instrumentation here is gorgeous, stunning and it really reminds me of "A Moon Shaped Pool" but considerably darker in tone. While some moments don't stand out on they're own listening to this all the way through is a magnificent, harrowing, haunting and beautiful ... read more


Definitely the second half is more amazing and beautiful than the first half.
Keep listen and heaven will open.

Highlights : Thin Thing, We Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings, Speech Bubbles


Ainda sem acreditar que estou ouvindo um álbum novo do Radiohead. Chocante...


“Not the smile as in 'ahh', more the smile as in the guy who lies to you every day" - Thom Yorke

The Smile's In Rainbows.


What the hell is this? Are we supposed to smile? Did someone spell Radiohead terribly wrong? The answer to all these questions is no —unless you want them to be yes. We've spent longer without Radiohead material than without Kendrick Lamar material releasing this same week, yet, for a band with possibly the most loyal fanbase, where is the hubbub? Perhaps 'A Moon Shaped Pool' was a twisted didactic lecture of patience, or perhaps just anything by any band member is just treated as ... read more

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