Love Streams

Tim Hecker - Love Streams
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Consequence of Sound

Very few composers can achieve this kind of beauty or this kind of experimentation, and yet Hecker does both, time and time again. Love Streams feels a lot like drifting along a cool river under the Northern Lights on a sailboat, until the boat sprouts wings and zooms into the heavens.


Love Streams is always on the move. It’s alive and constantly evolving: a slippery beast of a record that you can try and get a hold of, but thankfully you probably never will.


It makes perfect sense that Love Streams is Hecker’s first record with label 4AD, as it sort of sounds like the Cocteau Twins if they decided to live inside a glacier, communing with Old Norse land spirits and subsisting exclusively on psychedelic mushrooms. Love Streams is at once familiar and totally alien; a work of art that reminds us why we need art in the first place.


If Ravedeath, 1972 and Virgins were pinnacles for the producer, Love Streams leaps into orbit, beaming elegiac streams of sound to the heavens and beyond. 

Drowned in Sound

At times Love Streams is astonishingly direct. In fact it could be considered the most instantly memorable and accessible album Hecker has made since Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again.


Like Virgins, Love Streams tackles a lot of abstract concepts, like "live" sound, and synthetic sound, and rooms and space, and technology's ability to complicate all those things. But it's also about the ability to disappear into sound, to get lost in the contours of a slippery timbre, or to be made whole by a consonant harmony.


Love Streams is easily Hecker's most accessible work to date, yet it's also one of his most challenging, as it finds him pushing his sound into new directions while he explores the possibilities of the human voice.

Less reliant on theory or process, 'Love Streams' is a testament to Hecker’s innate musical sense of direction.
The Guardian

It feels like music aimed at the gut, rather than the head, which might explain its burgeoning appeal. In the best possible way, Love Streams is a draining listen.

The Skinny

It’s a triumph ... a dense, paranoid and phenomenally pretty exploration of post-millennial wonder that’ll keep you coming back, even as it fills the pit of your stomach with dread.

Loud and Quiet
After almost 20 years and eight albums of experimentation, Hecker’s long past reasonable doubt, and ‘Love Streams’ continues to prove his brilliantly complex theory.
Tiny Mix Tapes

Doubt, disbelief, and uncertainty are conjured across Love Streams, both as bludgeoning buildups and tumbling segues. 

Resident Advisor

Love Streams' winding, tributary structure flows naturally but evades straight lines. The album boasts Hecker's broadest timbral palette to date: he moves effortlessly between the acoustic and the electronic, the gossamer and the wooly.

A.V. Club

Love Streams washes over you—or sometimes floats by off in the horizon—due to its subtlety and complex, deliberate construction.

Pretty Much Amazing

I found Love Streams less fulfilling than most of Hecker’s recent output. But fans with a high stress tolerance and an inclination towards the noisier side of ambient will likely find plenty to love about this record.


Like the sleazy glow of a neon cross, Love Streams is a beacon for sanctuary and salvation in these most unholy of modern times.

Slant Magazine

Simply enough, Love Streams is a discomforting listen, and the addition of voices to Hecker's repertoire adds an additional tool of disorientation to his web of repurposed crackles and spurts, not the warmth one might expect.


It feels ecclesiastical, like hymns for the digital age. Hecker has once again shaped something that feels weighty and important, shafts of light illuminating the dark landscape.

The Needle Drop

Experimental music producer Tim Hecker comes through with a warmer, but more disconnected, collection of tracks on his new album, Love Streams.

"Love Streams" definitely has the warmest, most radiant production from Tim F*cker and there are some amazing sonic ideas on this project, but it all falls apart structurally and there are one or two questionable synth choices.

Fav Tracks: Castrati Shack, Violet Monumental, Up Red Bull Creek, Black Phase, Live Leak Instrumental

Least Fav Track: Bijie Dream

Very Good
Very good.
Quite disappointing, Love Streams is still a decent album but this album feels way more bland than Tim's previous works. It's nothing all that new or refreshing, it lacks Charm.
Tim Hecker returns with another bleak and haunting experience on Love Streams. The acclaimed 2013 release Virgins is now finally followed with a less progressive (but still pretty interesting) take on ambient, drone and electronic soundscape crafting. The producer dwelves into a rather nostalgic and derivative direction with this album, taking the listener back to some of his earlier experiments with Daniel Lopatin (who plays an unexpected role here as one of the primmary influences to the ... read more
Good ambient album but weak Tim Hecker album
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Added on: January 27, 2016