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The Heart Part 5 set extremely high expectations, but once you get settled into this project, it's a great continuation of Kendrick's growth as an artist, and a Mortal Man.

Edit (85 -> 91): Damn was a strong experience, but I can’t say I really loved any individual moments outside of the record that much. This album however is a display of Kendrick’s most vulnerable sides, as ugly as that can be, and it leaves about as much of an impression as his classics. This album is a ... read more


Listening to this in the bathroom because i shat myself when the first note of the first song played

edit: I broke my toilet :/


Edit: Yeah I’m lowering my score quite a bit. Still a really great album, but I see more flaws in it than I originally did

Wow… just wow. This really did deliver on the hype. This is such a dope stylistic change and I love tf out of this thing. I’m sure my score will change as I give it more listens, but for now, I’m absolutely amazed. This shit gonna carry me through me whole summer.

God bless Kendrick for giving us another masterpiece


Favourite: Auntie Diaries
Worst: We Cry Together

1. United in Grief - 10
[Lyrically just fantastic, production so unique and creates this wonderful experience. You can hear the emotion in his voice and the Piano at the end sets up for an insane album]

2. N95 - 9
[Damn this hits really hard, funny chorus sounds kind of like Baby Keem lol. Lyrically though this is great though]

3. Worldwide Steppers. - 10
[Really enjoy the storytelling on this, Kendrick you can hear goes really deep on this. ... read more


bruh i don’t care who you are, rating this a 0 based off your FIRST listen has gotta be racist

also comparing this to any of his previous albums is just gonna ruin your experience. Kendrick never repeats himself and that’s including his sound. comparing this to To Pimp A Butterfly or good kid, m.A.A.d. city is stupid cause they’re entirely different albums from this, just sayin… anyways let’s get into the review

i’d argue that Mr. Morale & The Big ... read more



The 34 year old hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar Duckworth has been a mastermind ever since he touched the mic. Section.80 is inspiring, as it shows how much the author has progressed over time. Don’t get me wrong, the album has some incredible moments, and it manages to stay consistent, but there’s times where I can hear how dated some of the tracks are(No Make-Up in particular). Tracks like F**k Your Ethnicity, Hol’ Up, A.D.H.D., and Rigamortus are ... read more



If there is any artist that’s received “fuck you credibility” from music nerd circles comparable to that of music legends like Radiohead, it’s rapper and poet Kendrick Lamar. That’s not to say Kendrick has never released anything not great or bad, but when you’ve released, depending on who you ask, four of the most noteworthy albums of the decade and, in my opinion, two all time classics, you earn a type of respect and patience from the ... read more


When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

I'm starting to have my doubts


album of the year for sure

almost every track touches a layer of vulnerability of the human psyche and black culture
and if you hate auntie diaries because of the slurs your just afraid of what really happens in the real world smh
u don't know how many times people get called f*gs a day and kendrick is pointing that out smh
the message was there


I can’t believe I’m listening to a new Kendrick Lamar album after 5 years.

I need time to digest this. I’m overwhelmed. It was a great and incredibly interesting listen, but I also have issues and I also don’t know how I feel about it completely.

Full review soon after more listens and some time with it.


Existem poucos artistas vivos que se aproximam do mesmo patamar de Kendrick Lamar. Há várias formas de medir o quão genial, impressionante e único ele é. No Twitter, por um instante, minha TL lotou de links das diferentes músicas deste álbum. Entre dezenas de comentários, nenhum negativo. Esse tipo de coisa, essa experiência de imaginar todos ao seu redor parando para ouvir uma obra musical neste nível de qualidade, é ... read more


I'm getting Atrocity Exhibition vibes.

I remember when Damn came out and it was heralded as the next big moment in hip hop, and potentially in music history. Many people even arguing that it was Kendrick at his peak. Some years later, that sentiment is seen as laughable, as most people have fell in with the melon's opinion that it's a good album, but far from the greatness that Kendrick has consistently put out before. Fast forward five years, and we get his follow-up, Mr. Morale & The Big ... read more


"Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers" Kendrick Lamar's Mirror

With narration from Kodak Black and Eckhart Tolle, sounds of tap dancing and a god damn Beth Gibbons feature, Kendrick goes on a thetrical, personal and dark journey in order to free himself and what a rollecoaster this is!

The production is some of his best! The whole record although sonically diverse, maintains a cohesiveness due to the constant use of these dramatic theatrical pianos, featuring many ... read more


Edit: 73->76
This record hasn’t grown on me much after many relistens. I still feel disappointed with the production, and I still think Crown is a really boring song.


This is so disappointing...

After 5 years, Kendrick has dropped his 5th studio album. This album features more laid back production than any of his previous LPs, which I’m not much of a fan of. On many tracks, he even sings, which is pretty nice. Most of my highlights from this album came from ... read more



Kendrick Lamar delivers another masterpiece. I will admit, I've never been the BIGGEST Kendrick fan. I always liked his stuff but I don't come back to it nearly as much as many others and after DAMN which I thought was alright but not as good as his other projects, I was not sure how great this would be. Coming out of it though this shit was insane.

The production on here combines a lot of elements from TPAB and DAMN and it does it to great effect. The way this ... read more


Kendrick made us wait 5 years for a 73 minute blend of pop rap, rnb, orchestral, and Kodak Black. Me personally, I am going to enjoy drinking the tears of all you basic bitch art hoes who were desperate for TPAB 2 and got something long, trendy, and accessible instead. Although it is funny that this runs five minutes short of TPAB yet *this one* is the double album lol. You're funny, Mr. Morale.


A volta do Kendrick Lamar à música era bastante aguardada por muitos e finalmente, após 5 anos do 'DAMN', o rapper faz seu retorno. Por ser um comeback muito esperado, as expectativas para seu novo lançamento eram altas e, felizmente ao meu ver, o artista conseguiu atendê-las trazendo um excelente disco que, além de ser melhor que o antecessor, é o melhor álbum de hip-hop do ano.

As letras é algo que sempre se destacou nos trabalhos ... read more



it's gonna take me a while to digest this one, this was not at all what I expected from K Dot. not saying it's disappointing or anything, i did enjoy it, but i'm gonna need some time before i'll gather my thoughts for how this fits in his catalog. for now, my main takeaway is KENDRICK SAYS TRANS RIGHTS BABEYYYYYY

Edit: ok, so

as of right now, i don't know if i'd consider this better or worse than "DAMN.", and i also definitely think there have been better ... read more


Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar

ITS FINALLY HEREEEE. My entire world has stopped spinning ever since this album was announced, and we’ve finally arrived. As you all know, Kendrick albums take a long time to completely grasp the full meaning of the album, so I’ll be updating this every time I give it another listen, and I plan to listen front to back at least twice today.

Now, onto the review:

Just finished my second listen, and wow, this was quite the treat. ... read more


"Hello, new world.
...I got some true stories to tell" 👞👞

Theatrical as if it were a musical, introspective as if a group therapy session and recited with the abstract grace of renaissance poetry. Kendrick returns with the “new flows” us brothers have been so patient for. And maybe it’s not the earth-rattling moment of TPAB, or the cultural zeitgeist of GKMC. But that shouldn't matter. So in the words of the man himself; let’s get this shit!

Kendrick ... read more


Kendrick Lamar


I cannot write a review about this album, literally speechless.


EDIT 2: ok I really like this album now

EDIT 2: ok I like this album now

EDIT: warning my opinions have changed lol. it has been growing on me but this is still definitely a weaker project than damn

Ok keep in mind this rating is after one listen, I have yet to analyze lyrics but a part of me doesn’t really want to

I’m very disappointed I’m sorry I hate to be the guy who calls shit mid because that is the most insufferable thing to possibly do but I can’t force ... read more


the best way to figure out this album’s place in kendrick’s discography is to wait and see how it tests against time. however, as we wait and see, i can say for sure that the five-year wait was worth it. it’s no GKMC or TPAB, but it never needed to be. i can’t quite yet define what’s kendrick’s trying to do here, but it’s clearly working. with production inspirations ranging from classical arrangements to old-school boom-bap beats to modern, baby ... read more


While I definitely appreciated everything Kendrick Lamar stood for culturally, the ever-iconic Compton MC was never a personal favorite. For a plethora of reasons, I could go on and on as to why the nameplate "Kendrick Lamar" never struck me as a musical proposition that was particularly unique. Still, with time, he seems to have found his own sound, far away from the days of good kid m.a.a.d city and Section .80, records I found underwhelming for the amount of love and respect they ... read more

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