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FINISHED The list formerly known as 'if 2022 is a good year I will drink vanilla extract'. This is every 2022 release I listened to, sorted by release date and then in order of how much I like ...
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I'm too hooked on shoegaze, in particular Japanese, and now I'm going to try to collect as many albums as possible here.
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Obs/part. 1: alguns dos muitos álbuns que me conquistaram, me encantaram, me emocionaram ou mais especificamente mudaram minha vida (alguns nem tanto, enquanto outros eu só gostei mesmo, ou em sua ...
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Here we go!!!
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I like these albums
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1983 - 2023 an album per year
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Albums I wanna listen at some point in time. There’s so many albums in this world. I can’t listen to all but I’ll damm well try
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a few albums i wanna listen to
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all of my reviews for 2023! updated every time new reviews out. album score, genres included.
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This past year I did an absolutely terrible job of keeping up with new music -- and processing what I did hear to the degree the music deserved. I didn't get around to many albums that I normally ...
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+ my fav lyrics of the top 25, the rest are honorable mentions realllyyy
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