White Ward - False Light

False Light

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The best opening tracks of all time, regardless of overall album quality.
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DATE OF RELEASE + HYPE LEVEL (OUT OF 5 FLAMES) If an album is not in this list, it means either I've missed it or I don't really care about it (most likely) Flames scale: 1 (interested), 2 (really ...
Updated 7h ago68 albums 3
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Updated 4d ago27 albums
Yes, most of my ratings from this month were from June 3rd because there was a lot to try out that week. Anything above 75 I recommend and anything below 50 I do not recommend.
Updated 6d ago40 albumsRanked
List used to keep track on which 2022 releases I've listened to. Ratings are gone.
Updated 18h ago177 albums
To remind me to listen to things that catch my interest
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Just Albums I need to Check Out
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Let's gooooooooo!
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Stuff I listened to properly all the way through 3x or more
Updated 1d ago278 albums
The best title tracks ever made, regardless of album quality.
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