Tired of Tomorrow
Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow
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2016 Ratings: #402 / 746
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Drowned in Sound
There's no romance on this album. Nothing shine a stark white light on reality. As they always have.
The 405

Tired Of Tomorrow is a bold, expressive grandiose album that proves capital-R Realists can make something just as beautiful as capital-R Romantics.


Tired of Tomorrow is both warm and cold, complex and straight to the point.


A collection that sounds happy, and more importantly comforting, even when you know, as you always did, that there's no point in going on, but that we all do anyhow.

No Ripcord

For all of the melancholy, it's far from a depressing experience; if anything, it's an oddly uplifting album, one that manages to find a great deal of beauty lurking just beneath the ugliness we sometimes find ourselves confronted by.

The steeped-in-distortion sound of the band’s debut has been pared back and what’s left is a more mature, if equally dark, rock record.

The mix of gorgeous dirt and downer hooks makes Tired Of Tomorrow a welcoming pity party that plays to universal malaise rather than shrouding itself in reverb, eyes to the floor.


With a lean run time of about 45 minutes, Tired of Tomorrow is a welcome and long-awaited addition to Nothing’s catalog. It can be a rough emotional ride, but the fact that the band can show its battle scars with such a great selection of songs should give everyone hope for the future.

The Line of Best Fit

Whilst no-one wishes further misfortune on NOTHING, Tired of Tomorrow proves they've learnt how to make the most of it and turn it into something dark, but beautiful. Its title suggests despondency, but its content should certainly leave them hopeful.


For as indecisive of an album as Tired of Tomorrow seems to be from a conceptual standpoint, the overall musical quality and talent level never wavers.

Tiny Mix Tapes
It’s both a blessing and a curse for the band that these stylistically divergent tracks share space on the same record.

Nothing had every element in place to make Guilty of Everything very close to brilliant, a modern shoegaze/noise rock classic; on Tired of Tomorrow, they seem to have lost their way and have made something quite standard issue and disappointing.

Consequence of Sound

As a shoegaze record, Tired of Tomorrow‘s production is too metallic, its chord progressions sometimes bordering on pop ­punk. But as a post-­hardcore record, its guitar parts are overly­ simplistic and its vocals are sleep-inducing. It’s got one foot in each camp, but doesn’t benefit from either as much as it should.

NOW Magazine

There's no grand resolution on Tired Of Tomorrow, but you can't help but hope Palermo finds some peace in all the noise.

Mar 3, 2018
Top Favorite: Everyone Is Happy
Other Favorites: Tired Of Tomorrow, The Dead Are Dumb, A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
Least Favorite: Eaten By Worms
May 30, 2016
'Tired of Tomorrow' is post-punk shoegaze as i should sound, dreamy, cinematic, melodic but still with some darkness at its center.

Favorite moments: The Dead Are Dumb, Vertigo Flowers, A.C.D, Our Plague.
May 23, 2016
Never, ever judge an album by its cover art. Case in point: NOTHING's Tired of Tomorrow. I encourage you, dear listener, to look up the artwork; it comes off to me as something a less-than-savory punk band signed to a major label would put out. Honestly, I was scared to pick up the album. What awaited behind its tacky sleeve, though, was something beautiful. Shoegaze. Hardcore, punk-influenced shoegaze. NOTHING is loud and proud, but as the one-sheet so nicely point out, they aren't just ... read more
May 15, 2016
I'm "Tired" now too.
May 14, 2016
NOTHING sounds like no one, NO one sounds like NOTHING, an absolute fantastic band that can do no wrong and refreshing music to say the very least!
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#40/Rough Trade
#48/Pitchfork (Shoegaze)
Track List
  1. Fever Queen
  2. The Dead Are Dumb
  3. Vertigo Flowers
  4. A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
  5. Nineteen Ninety Heaven
  6. Curse of the Sun
  7. Eaten by Worms
  8. Everyone Is Happy
  9. Our Plague
  10. Tired of Tomorrow
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