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I genuinely want to cry tears of joy right now.

Death Cab are a band that I discovered in middle school. "Cath" started playing on the radio while my mom was driving me to school, and something about their sound enchanted me. Their sorrowful, yet serene and relaxing indie rock sound just had a grip on me. I have so many wonderful memories tied to their 2000s work (and even some of Codes and Keys). WIth that in mind, you can imagine that I've been disappointed with their output over ... read more


A short review: Death Cab For Cutie have always been a band that I’d never loved nor hated. A lot of people I know with great music taste do love them though so it’s time I gave Death Cab a chance.

I Don’t Know How I Survive: The guitar based verse1 into a dynamic chorus is nice, the second verse being more edm and keys based is interesting but the second chorus drags a little bit I do like the bridge and return to the intro at end, 8/10.

Roman Candles doesn’t really ... read more


As a big Death Cab fan, this is their best LP since the 00s. This feels like an accumulation of a lot of their expierments and shifts over the last 10 years but in a much more impactful way. The dynamics between their meloncholic beatiful atmospheres and the harsher distortion on certain tracks make this album feel more urgent. Overall, very pleased and the most sonically interesting death cab album in a minute


Was able to catch Death Cab in concert over the summer, such a great show.

Really enjoyed this one.

Fav tracks: I Don’t Know How I Survive, Pepper, I Miss Strangers, I’ll Never Give Up on You


I was waiting for the new record Death Cab for Cutie, you know Fragments From the Decade I listened to dozens of times, really in my mind I saw almost all stages of my life, from each record the band is approaching its climax...


…so where is Death Cab at right now?

Death Cab for Cutie is a band I FINALLY checked out this year, after knowing about them for a while. I first listened to them after my friend’s dad gifted me a CD of Plans. I listened to that album and ended up loving it. And after that…yknow what I’ll just give rapid fire thoughts on their albums to make this easier (and also as a tease of my inevitable series of reviews I do on this band).

You Can Play These Songs with Chords? ... read more


The indie rock dads are back in the swing of things

I haven’t been keeping up with Death Cabs most recent output, but I’m glad I checked this out because it’s pretty damn good. I love their output from the 2000s, and for some reason I just never followed up with what they’ve been doing after hearing that side of things. Maybe I should lol. This album doesn’t standout to me like crazy within their discog, but there are some great tracks and it’s a pretty ... read more


Okay this was good. I’m not sure what longtime fans of the band will think, but for a guy who’s never actually heard any of DCFC before, what I got from Asphalt Meadows is pretty much what I wanted; some pretty indie rock from guys who’ve clearly been doing this for a long time. The vocals aren’t always spectacular and there’s a few moments where the mixing feels pretty awful (see Rand McNally and I’ll Never Give Up On You) but from the opening bangers to the ... read more


I am not a huge Death Cab fan, not because they're bad, not because I don't like them, but because I've never really given them a chance. I listened to Transatlanticism (the album) in full only recently after my girlfriend included the song in a playlist she made for me and recommended the full album too; our relationship is long distance, and the album is about that exact same thing, so I couldn't help but absolutely adore it. Beyond that though, I wasn't sure where I would sit with Death Cab ... read more


Somewhere after Narrow Stairs I lost most of my enthusiasm for what Death Cab was doing. Those later records might well deserve a fresh listen, but for now, I'm really pleased with how excellent Asphalt Meadows turned out to be. It's a bit of the old, a bit of the new, and a lot of the inspired.


This type of thing, to me, is the equivalent of AOR - it's just very mid.


It's no secret that Death Cab for Cutie's 2010's output wasn't exactly on par with their classic streak in the 2000's. As much as I personally believe Kintsugi to be pretty underrated, I can't deny that this past era of their discography led to some of their least interesting material so far, which is a shame coming from the band who helped propel indie music into the public eye with their earlier work. It's a good thing then that Asphalt Meadows is easily their best album in 15 years.

The ... read more


The singles on this album set up an expectation that I pretty much knew could never be reached. It's just every song released before the album was a surprisingly refreshing pace for the band, although they fall back into their tropes at some point and it just becomes middle of the road. But the middle part of this album shows some nice high points that ranks this album higher than Thank You For Today their last full length album 'Here To Forever' and 'Pepper' having some of Ben's best lyrics ... read more


o último álbum do dia! indo pra uma banda que eu conheço faz tempo mas nunca tive interesse de escutar a discografia.

pelo oq mtos falam, essa banda teve uma queda considerável de qualidade durante a década passada, lembro de ter ouvido algumas músicas e lembro delas serem beeeem ok. o álbum é de indie rock e indie pop.

o álbum é cheio de momentos onde eu penso que nossa que momento épico !!!! e nossa que momento ... read more


Congleton absolutely crushing the production on this one but it doesn't really distract from the fact that most of the songs here are just ok. Definitely the bands best effort since the 2000s though.


They're back. After a string of mediocrity, they've returned to Earth.


this is death cab's most solid, interesting, dare i say "death cab" release since narrow stairs. it's no controversy to say that the band has undergone a sonic shift since codes and keys, some good and some bad coming with that. but nothing on this level. it's somewhat experimental-yet still easy to follow. it also includes some true throwback emo styling, specifically the song "foxglove through the clearcut". sounds like some shit straight out of the late 90s/00s. i'm gonna ... read more


This isn't just a return to form, this is their best album in nearly two decades. And they didn't do it by retreading their old material, or trying to make Transatlanticism 2/Plans 2/ etc. - this is their heaviest album ever, and it's not especially close. Probably their first album that's more rock than pop since...Narrow Stairs? Maybe Transatlanticism?

I loved the singles from this album, and two of them - Roman Candles and Here to Forever - actually ended up among my least favorites on the ... read more


While this album SLAPS, this lacks in creativity with its lyricism. (to clarify i mean IN PARTS)


Fav tracks:
- Fragments From the Decade
- Pepper


Fav Songs: I Don't Know How I Survive, Here to Forever, I Miss Strangers


"Mid-Life Crisis" the album.

Death Cab for Cutie are one of my personal favorite bands, and 2003's Transatlanticism is one of, if not my favorite album of all time. However, since 2008's Narrow Stairs, Death Cab's trajectory has been on a bit of a downturn for me personally. Codes and Keys never really grabbed me, and while Kintsugi and Thank You for Today had their moments, they fell a bit short. So when I first heard the singles for this album, my hopes for this record went up ... read more


Death Cab For Cutie are veterans in the indie rock genre and it amazes me that they’re still going. I’ve heard a lot of tracks from them but only one album, that being their 2003 album Trasatlanticism which is a GOATED classic. Unfortunately, although the songwriting ability is there, this album feels somewhat unenthusiastic.

I’ve seen the reviews and apparently a lot of people are liking this one but I just personally don’t see it. Comparing this album to some of their ... read more


For every heroic sacrifice, I make a hundred dumb mistakes. I sacrificed myself to listen to Asphalt Meadows. I needed it for my first year of high school so everything could be easier on me. This is their best piece of work since…Narrow Stairs, I think? I haven’t listened to it yet, but I will listen to Kintsugi and Thank You for Today soon.

The dumb mistake was listening to Hold the Girl before this, because this is much better. There is more variety, more complexity in the ... read more


Death Cab is really starting to age gracefully. This is far from perfect but it's easily their best record in years! I'd even go as far to say it's the best one since the 2005 release of Plans. This is one of my favorite bands from the 2000s so it's really nice to see them hit their stride again. My first listen of this was in the car on a dreary, rainy drive and it really sent my soul to a different place.

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