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Ok but he do be not doing his job tho
Updated 1d ago1,494 albums 38
The list formerly known as 'if 2022 is a good year I will drink vanilla extract'. This is every 2022 release I listened to, sorted by release date and then in order of how much I like them. And as ...
Updated 1d ago548 albums 23
Updated 2d ago335 albums 8
Updated 2d ago140 albumsRanked 3
Every Album/Mixtape released this year that I listened to ranked!
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Updated 1d ago49 albums
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Updated 3w ago40 albums
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albums i listen to this year / will listen to it eventually
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Updated 1w ago3 albums
Updated 10h ago238 albums
every album i've listened to so far this year ranked by how much i enjoy them i would love to hear your opinions my list and this years albums as a whole also lmk if there are any albums i've ...
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