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FINISHED The list formerly known as 'if 2022 is a good year I will drink vanilla extract'. This is every 2022 release I listened to, sorted by release date and then in order of how much I like ...
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Updated 2d ago18 albums
An alternative album-of-the-year aggregate list
Updated 1w ago2,779 albumsRanked
We go again.
Updated 1mo ago50 albumsRanked
as it says on the tin
Updated 1mo ago111 albums
May 22 releases ranked.
Updated 6mo ago13 albumsRanked
Updated 1mo ago166 albums
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Updated 2mo ago153 albums
Updated 2mo ago292 albums
Every album I rate in 2022, put in order from best to sounding most like Origins by Imagine Dragons.
Updated 1mo ago65 albums

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