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Final thought on 2022's Kpop: A year with a pretty slow start. The first half is filled with mediocre stuff with some good stuff every once in a while. I mean if you ask me in June about my top 5 ...
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On this list ill be showing my K-pop journey with everyone and show each rating for each album/ep/single I listen RULES: - Every form of media, so an album, ep, or a single, will be added - singles ...
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we have 4 levels 1- QUARANTA OR BEACH HOUSE (my AOTY'S) 2- AOTY CONTENDER (self explanatory) 3- :hubbahubba: (:hubbahubba:) 4- i n t e r e s t i n g 5- I don't have that much hype but im curious
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best to worst
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loved the experience, maybe it will grow in me.
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