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I review without actually reviewing because I don't like reviewing and I also use this just to say what I heard every day and what I'm doing!
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My favorite singles from 2022, in no particular order. Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Tr0JEUSMCtRrxxxPcWChM?si=ca5c4bab179542d4 ⭐ Stars are the best of the best
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(deep cuts off of albums not included, just know that a lot of deep cuts I've heard are in my top 5 rn)
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Upcoming Releases Doesn't especially mean I think they'll be good
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Really just anything released in 2022 that’s registered as a single here lol gonna update it constantly throughout the year
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only adding 70s and above to this <3
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Hope I drop some singles this year!
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Singles or EPs that I have rated / reviewed and has released in 2022.
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