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Man, what a fantastic year for music. I've explored a lot of genres that I enjoy as well as found many new to artists to look out for in the coming years. I've heard so many songs that it was ...
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'Some Song-of-the-Year's Stuff', condizendo com seu nome, é a minha lista pessoal das melhores faixas lançadas neste ano. Baseada por completo em minha humilde opinião. (PS: Dessa vez em diante ...
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My favorite singles from 2022, in no particular order. Playlist: ⭐ Stars are the best of the best
Updated 1mo ago431 albums 9
the best 20 albums/songs of the floptok history #slay #period #ate #jiafei #potaxie🥑👄🥑 💋💋💅💅🥑🥑🙄🙄💅✨
Updated 3w ago20 albumsRanked 1
now that the bad stuff are out of the way, let's talk about the great stuff. again, 2022 is an excellent year for music (at least in my opinion). I've listened to different types of artists and ...
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this is my opinion
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There's no right order
Updated 3mo ago72 albums
the best songs of 2022 ... according to me! when the song isn't a single, i just added the album it is from and subtitled the respective track :) if you'd like to see this list in video form, i ...
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Updated 1mo ago30 albumsRanked
the song of the year is: virgo's groove by beyonce
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