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King Gizzard's inventive sound, giant hooks, and hard-as-titanium playing make Nonagon Infinity not only their best album yet, but maybe the best psych-metal-jazz-prog album ever.

Drowned in Sound

There may be reference points aplenty throughout Nonagon Infinity and its creators make-up but King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard sure know how to put their own spin on things. And in doing so have created their finest body of work to date.

This prolonged concentration has resulted in by far King Gizzard’s most cohesive record to date – a hyper-detailed punk opera that few of their peers have matched for intensity, ambition or sheer derangement.
The Guardian

There is a sense of urgency to this latest offering, as if last year’s fey and breezy LP Paper Mâché Dream Balloon acted as a process of blissed-out creative rehab.


A whirling dervish of an album, and a culmination of all their previous hard work, Nonagon Infinity is the sound of a band at their wigged out best.

The Line of Best Fit

Nonagon Infinity’s sound is bordering on the extraterrestrial - it sounds like they’ve given kautrock an intense, life-threatening electric shock, while simultaneously floating through 41 minutes (or your entire lifetime, dare you interrupt the endless loop) with the elegance and unpredictability of a kite in the sky.


With unprecedented urgency and a heaviness that King Gizzard have never quite served up before, Nonagon Infinity is no doubt an attention snagging experiment, but despite being a calculated novelty, it never feels like a gimmick.


When it’s running at peak velocity—which is like, 90 per cent of the time—Nonagon Infinity yields some of the most outrageous, exhilarating rock ‘n’ roll in recent memory, on par with modern psych-punk touchstones like Comets on Fire’s Blue Cathedral, Thee Oh Sees’ Carrion Crawler/The Dream and Ty Segall’s Slaughterhouse.


If Tame Impala-offshoot Pond forgot to take their Ritalin, they’d probably end up making something like this.

The Needle Drop
The new King Gizzard album is an intense, noisy psych rock experience that loops into infinity.
No Ripcord

At first, it seemed as if King Gizzard’s stylistic motifs weren’t meant to be taken that seriously, but on their latest, Nonagon Infinity, the band wear their idiosyncrasies loud and proud.


I'm still waiting for the first track to end. It's been 4 days.

95 I thought, what if I made a review that looped for infinity? And that's exactly what I just did. Here it is.

Nonagon Infinity is what it is. An album where every track fades into each other nearly seamlessly, and it loops right back to the very start at the end. (Apart from an annoying second of silence on the Spotify version.) Are King Gizzard able to pull it off? They're King Gizzard, of course they are! The ENTIRE album slaps endlessly. It's loud, and it's fun, and it's a real ... read more


Nonagon Infinity opens the door. Nonagon Infinity opens the door. Wait for the answer to open the door. Nonagon Infinity opens the door.

Yep. You read that rating right. I've officially given into the Gizzverse. And who can really blame me? This album is like a damn drug! It's a explosive, gigantic, mesmerizing, epic, enchanting, never-ending mountain of prog-rock goodness that is the heavy gift that keeps on giving. It's a dusty, evil and endlessly entertaining record that has got a firm hand ... read more


This album is 129730187083797697629398e723084702387402837028307402837409182391208437023874082370473 years long.


WOW ok….this was good like really good! Like this is there first true “essential” album for me. This one is one that everyone needs to checkout. This album is interesting because it not only completely transitions between song to song, it also is an infinite album because the last song and the first song actually transition between one another so it’s technically a infinite album. And boy or boy it is their most energetic, entertaining, satisfying, catchy, and ... read more


>>>2010s best albums by user score #136th - 'Nonagon Infinity' by 'King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard<<<

I listened to this album straight after finishing a Black Sabbath album and it's surprising how much these two sounds have in common. Despite this fun fact, 'Nonagon Infinity' is a great psychedelic, metal and even prog rock album. It sounds modern and the songs are innovative. The best ones out of the nine have to be 'Robot Stop', 'Big Fig Wasp' and 'Mr. Beat'. The thing ... read more

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Added on: March 10, 2016