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They really just reinvented their sound by making goofy ahh music



I don’t remember The Mars Volta sounding like a funky pop/rock band, but why not? Steven Wilson has been messing around in this field and all the big classic prog bands had this side to them particularly after the 70s and in the 80s essentially. So I guess the question then becomes not how prog can they be? But how much interesting prog elements can The Mars Volta bring to modern pop-rock and on dual openers Blacklight Shine/Graveyard Love the ... read more


Art Pop..? The Mars Volta..? That’s new

So ummm.. this was a strange comeback. Their first album in I believe 10 years and I’m left wondering how they ended up going in this direction. The only album I’ve heard in full is Frances the Mute, which I think is phenomenal and just insane. I’ve heard quite a few tracks from other albums as well but this is so much different. And let me make it clear, that I don’t think different is a bad thing at all. I love when bands ... read more


While it's always commendable to see artists experiment with their sound, sometimes bold stylistic changes tend to take some into territory that doesn't fit their strengths. The band is somewhat victim of this trap on their new album. It’s a cool but far-from-essential entry in their discog.


Blacklight Shine - 4/5
Graveyard Love - 4/5
Shore Story - 3/5
Blank Condolences - 3/5
Vigil - 3/5
Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon - 3/5
Cerulea - 3/5
Flash Burns From Flashbacks - 4/5
Palm Full Of Crux - 4/5
No Case Gain - 3/5
Tourmaline - 3/5
Equus 3 - 5/5 ❤
Collapsible Shoulders - 3/5
The Requisition - 3/5


This is sure to be a controversial record, but for what it is, I really enjoy The Mars Volta’s reinvention. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been the biggest diehard fan of theirs or even just of prog in general that I’m able to take a step back and appreciate this change of pace, but hooks and 5> minute songs aren’t as awkward a fit on the band as one might fear. Bixler-Zavala uses his musical partner Rodriguez-Lopez’s streamlined compositions as a Trojan ... read more


*album is boring or just the worst thing ever*
NME: (in Bri'ish) "OH MY DAYS, this shit made me cum all over our offices on multiple occasions because it's a cool popular band that just released music, if I could give this album an 11/10 I would wo'er bo'oh queen is fucking dead mate tea time I love me lad Boris Johnson shite"


Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala in 2017: Wanna see us disappoint our fans with a bad comeback album?
Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala in 2022: Wanna see us do it again?


Yes. They fucked up calling this album as self titled.
Yes. This has nothing to do with old TMV.
Yes. This isn't modern King crimson anymore.

But calling this album mediocre for these stupid ass reasons is one of the most retard thing I've ever witnessed in this site...
Today I had an incredible bad day and I'm massively mad, don't even want to do anything, I just want to mass murder people with laser eyes.
So I listened to this album without doing anything else just because, and I got ... read more


Shocking lack of energy and ambiton from a band that used to have literally nothing else


The modern progressive rock kings The Mars Volta have returned after a decade long hiatus, though it doesn't feel like it considering Omar and Cedric's habit to start a new side project and break it off, even reviving At The Drive-In in the meantime. For a grand comeback however, the self-titled doesn't really feel like it, because this is easily their softest and most scant record so far, being some pretty middling art pop where almost any sense of prog has disappeared. Not that bands cannot ... read more


Their strangest album to date, not in a positive way. The same band who did crazy, visceral, frenetic, experimental and wild things as Frances the Mute and Bedlam in Goliath returns ten years after with this album. Self-titled album. Generally releasing an album with the band's name means the band isn't the same anymore, showing lack of energy and ideas. That's the case with The Mars Volta. Although this album is more stripped-down, poppier and calmer than everything they did, it wasn't did in ... read more


holy shit I like it woo

I will review this at some point maybe


The new The Mars Volta album is different from what I have already heard from the band. Gone with the spastic Frances The Mute, and in with the soft, serene self-titled. Am I disappointed? Not at all. I like every track here, but highlights include “Blacklight Shine”, “Graveyard Love”, “Flash Burns from Flashbacks”, and “No Case Gain.” Fantastic return from The Mars Volta, even if it’s less progressive than what The Mars Volta was doing at ... read more


It sounds exactly like they described it - The Mars Volta but pop.


De-Loused, Frances the Mute, Bedlam in Goliath. I love those records. I am not afraid of Omar and Cedric experimenting with something new and this album pulls a lot of songs off well, but it's big problem is that the 70s pop inspired fair here begins to sound entirely too samey at around the halfway point. There's an excellent EP worth of "prog pop rock" here, but there isn't enough material to sell an entire LP on. When it's good it's very good, but when it drags it becomes ... read more


more Blacklight Shine and The Requisition
less Cerulea and Collapsible Shoulders


I’ve heard of the Mars Volta for a while, growing up as a bit of a prog fan, but I never listened to them until recently. I could not get 3 tracks into Frances The Mute before I gave up. There was nothing there to grab on to, it sounded like a bunch of 70s prog worshippers doing a shitty attempt at trying it themselves. Obnoxious, toneless guitar solos, over-operatic vocals, unenjoyable dizzy song-writing, and yet no impressive instrumental work to even try to save it. So, when I heard ... read more


The band did a massive disservice by not extending these songs to like 10 minutes.
A lot of the songs here sound unfinished, or wrong coming from a band who was once phenomenal.
Little sparks of hope are throughout some songs, like the opening track and lead single Blacklight Shine, or the last track The Requisition which literally ends when it starts to get really good.
I would love for the band to go for a smaller tracklist with long songs again and use stuff from this because a lot of the ... read more


The best song on this album is an interlude... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

Jeez this is easily the worst thing I've heard all year, and handily the worst thing the band has done by a mile. The performances are piss, the production is TOO FUCKING WET, and it seems like they've just forgotten how to write real songs instead of the progressive opuses they're known for. It's almost like they have one toe in the door of art pop and one toe in another door of their familiar prog, but they're too far ... read more


the mars volta returns to make a literal pop-like album (which was already implied with Octahedron) and the fanbase gets all angrey that it isn't Deloused in the Frances the Amputecture Goliath Part 5. Amazing

Now excuse me as I dance around like an old man with cataracts and on mushrooms, kthanksBYYYYYYYYYYYE.


After a long broke-up period, it seems that The Mars Volta have realised a certain thing: their prog sound is drawn out. That's why they decided to "start all over again", with a new, popier sound. Of course, it may not be the sound we expect from this band, but hey, sounds evolve. If this sound switch-up leads to greater and better works of art from this band in the future, I'm all for it. But for now, I love The Mars Volta, and their new album is very good.


this album lacks a more grandiose production in most of the tracks, and still, I kinda loved it. this self-titled definetly doesn't show how Cedric and Omar are when they're writing and composing at their peaks, but seeing those guys coming into a new genre with some nice ideas was really nice. I get how people are disappointed with this, but thanks god it worked out to me. far from their best, but still, interesting no matter what.


The Mars Volta are back, and it seems they've decided to change readjust their sails again. Some people aren't super thrilled about
that, but I've gotta say this album sounds pretty dang good. It's obviously not their most iconic, and not what we're used to from the
crazy prog guys, but there's still a lot of value embedded within this self-titled album.

Blacklight Shine is a straightforward tune that's fresh and easy to enjoy, making it a solid opener, Graveyard Love is enjoyable to me,
but ... read more


Is chil music not progressive rock another band grow up. I don't now what to say.

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