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Ok but he do be not doing his job tho
Updated 2d ago1,494 albums 38
The list formerly known as 'if 2022 is a good year I will drink vanilla extract'. This is every 2022 release I listened to, sorted by release date and then in order of how much I like them. And as ...
Updated 2d ago548 albums 23
(things i wanna listen to or relisten) send recs if you want in comments :)
Updated 1d ago799 albums 18
Every album I've first listened to in the year 2022. One of the things on my New Year's Resolutions list was to listen to as much albums as I could throughout the year. This is a full list of every ...
Updated 23h ago542 albums 9
anticipated albums for 2022 list in the order of the release date (earliest to latest) • albums that already released (if two release on the same date it’s ordered highest to lowest) • albums ...
Updated 2d ago91 albumsRanked 5
Updated 5h ago405 albumsRanked 3
Updated 3d ago140 albumsRanked 3
Ranking the 100 best albums to come out this decade, will be updated as time goes on. Must have a score of 70 or higher. Any albums without a score are ones that I've heard but have not scored yet, ...
Updated 1d ago150 albumsRanked 2
Updated 4h ago301 albumsRanked 2
these look cool idk why
Updated 1d ago58 albums 1
Updated 12h ago321 albumsRanked 1
Every Album/Mixtape released this year that I listened to ranked!
Updated 2d ago128 albumsRanked 1
Updated 3d ago47 albumsRanked 1
Updated 3d ago366 albums 1
Updated 7h ago45 albumsRanked
Updated 1d ago49 albums
Updated 22h ago69 albumsRanked
Albums released in 2022
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