Catfish & The Bottlemen - The Ride
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2016 Ratings: #704 / 721
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2016 Ratings: #493
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It’s not that deliberation is a bad thing in music—good songs require oodles of thought—but the best music feels effortless to the listener. This album feels like it’s trying too hard to get me to sing along, to partake in transforming its songs into soccer field-sized anthems.
As on their debut, the sound is slick and polished and the songs are snappy and unpretentious, but there’s a lack of wit or invention. More tellingly, while McCann might boast of having written “hundreds” of songs, he’s yet to pen a bona fide classic.
Even if Catfish & the Bottlemen don't bring much to the table, they know how to follow a blueprint without missing a beat.
Consequence of Sound
Catfish and the Bottlemen have made a record that will sell, but not one that will linger.
The Guardian

Some albums offer a mouthwatering smorgasbord of ideas and possibilities. The Ride dishes up meat and potatoes served 12 ways.

Sep 6, 2017
7 - 6/10
Twice - 7/10
Soundcheck - 8/10
Postpone - 9/10
Anything - 8/10
Glasgow - 7/10
Oxygen - 5/10
Emily - 7/10
Red - 6/10
Heathrow - 9/10 (could be a Afghan Whigs B side)
Outside - 6/10

Overall Rating: 78 out of 110 = 71%

overall Opinion: This album is weird. It doesn't get better or worse than their first. It does feel a slight less mainstream. It doesn't have that big 10/10 track. But for some reason I like it about the same as the first, even though the second half sounds exactly ... read more
Dec 8, 2017
A good follow up album to 'The Balcony'. Again it gets a lot of criticism because of the songwriting however as someone who is the age in which this music is written towards it speaks volumes. Yes, it's not pushing the boundaries, but why does it have to? Music is meant to be enjoyed and many people enjoy this band.

1. 7 - 8.5
2. Twice - 7
3. Soundcheck - 9.5
4. Postpone - 9
5. Anything - 9
6. Glasgow - 7
7. Oxygen - 6.5
8. Emily - 1
9. Red - 8
10. Heathrow - 8
11. Outside - 9

82.5/110 - ... read more
Jan 29, 2017
Their first LP, "The Balcony" was honestly somewhat enjoyable and pretty catchy, while nothing new or creative. This is literally the same thing, but now it's become tiresome.

Favorite Track: Soundcheck
Jul 31, 2016
The British foursome with its second album is still wandering around the outskirts of the city with its anthemic but frivolous indie-rock, calculating how to penetrate safely into the center.
Jun 14, 2016
I thought Catfish and the Bottlemen showed a lot of promise after their debut LP "The Balcony". They had an edginess that complemented their sing-along choruses, which a lot of pop rock bands forget to include. However, this album is a swing and a miss (add this to the plethora of sophomore albums that flopped after a good debut record). The choruses aren't as catchy and the grit is missing; it's very, very underwhelming.

Notable Songs: "Twice"; "Soundcheck"

Added on: March 24, 2016