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Curtain Call 2

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the title should explain itself. although not all of the stuff below will be albums. i’ll include singles too.
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The worst cover arts I can find. Either ones that are laughably bad, are weird in a bad way or make you come across it and say "I do NOT want people to see that I own this."
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By the way, some of these might be a little gorey, or sexual, or gross, so get readyyyy.
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Unconfirmed albums I hope are coming: Weyes Blood: LP5 Prediction: 93 'Titanic Rising' is one of my favourite albums of all time and it's been 3 long years since that masterpiece. Pls drop ...
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hahaha review go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Albums coming out in the upcoming week.
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Stuff I listened to properly all the way through 3x or more
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This is my list of all of the projects that I listened to that came out this year ranked.
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