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The release of The Next Day would have been one of the biggest stories of the year no matter what its quality – the fact that it also happens to be one of the best records of Bowie’s career to date just makes the comeback that much more triumphant.

Pretty Much Amazing

This is no “comeback” for David Bowie. Rather, it is a magnificent continuation: an ellipsis connects his nine earlier masterpieces to his tenth, The Next Day.

Time Out London
‘The Next Day’ is a very brilliant rock record. It’s intelligent, memorable and even a little provocative.
A.V. Club

The Next Day isn’t great simply because it’s the return of Bowie. It’s great because it’s the return of Bowie’s voice: rich, delicate, smoky, wise. And, yes, shaded with the first expectant blush of mortality.

Under The Radar

Though it's been 10 years since his previous release, The Next Day is Bowie's most consistent record in twice as much time.


The Next Day is not the kind of listener-friendly, career-encompassing record that many of Bowie’s contemporaries have often settled for of late.


This album is, foremost, about songcraft. Rather than reinventing Bowie, it absorbs his past and moves it on, hungry for more.

Consequence of Sound

It’s a challenging album, and not just because its tracks are a puzzle box — the mix is dense. Perhaps more than any of Bowie’s prior 23 records, this one is an art record. 

Drowned in Sound

The Next Day is only a little better than its two predecessors and probably only Bowie’s best album since Outside, but that’s not to knock what is easily the best mainstream art pop record of recent times.

The 405

There's a feel to this album that sounds like it could only be created by one man, and that's David Bowie.

No Ripcord

It’s one of the year’s best albums, and a genuinely great work of unashamed pop music that finds a way to be adventurous.

The Fly

It’s happy to take the listener on sudden, unexpected, journeys but also to just be exactly what it is; a really great rock album from a man who knows a thing or two about writing really great rock albums.

Beats Per Minute

Another striking feature of The Next Day is how much it doesn’t sound like an old man trying to keep up with the times. There’s a confidence exhibited here that’s refreshing.


On The Next Day, he hasn't only come to terms with his past-- he's making his old material work for his new material. 

The Needle Drop
On his latest album, David Bowie reconnects with what made a lot of his classic albums great, revisiting his old stomping grounds in an incredibly mature way.

The Next Day is an album that didn't need to be made.


Now he’s just an old fellow who is fighting against the current, and The Next Day is a brutal drowning.

David Bowie revisited part 26/27

After a decade long break from making music, leading everyone to believe that Reality was Bowie's final statement to the music word, the madman surprise releases The Next Day, an album that is hands-down his best comeback to date. Out of all his supposed comebacks, some of which I actually like a hell of a lot, The Next Day is the one that honestly feels the most like a comeback. It's a grand return to that sound that he perfected way back in the '70s, that ... read more
sooooooooo underrated
After a decade of not releasing any music, Bowie finally returns with The Next Day, a return to his old sound, the sound he was known for. The result is an album that while it sounds more like a throwback album than anything, manages to be his best album in decades.

It seemed like from Scary Monsters onwards, Bowie wasn't too sure what to do. He made a dance album, a reggae album, a 70 minute long concept album, an industrial dance album, you name it. He had pretty much said everything he ... read more
"The Next Day" is a great comeback album after many releases failed to capture that Bowie magic. While the exploration of his past sounds are a little bit pandering and a tad dated (though with Bowie we can forgive that), he still approaches it in a very mature way and his writing on here is absolutely fantastic!

Fav Tracks: Where Are We Now?, The Stars (Are Out Tonight), Valentine's Day, (You Will) Set The World On Fire, If You Can See Me, The Next Day, Dancing Out In Space, Love Is ... read more
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Added on: January 8, 2013