Beyoncé - Lemonade
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Pretty Much Amazing

From its brilliant rollout to its dazzling artistic statement, Lemonade arrives not still-in-progress, but utterly flawless.

Rolling Stone

Lemonade is an entire album of emotional discord and marital meltdown, from the world's most famous celebrity; it's also a major personal statement from the most respected and creative artist in the pop game.

Time Out London
Despite the many, many cooks in this kitchen, ‘Lemonade’ feels like an album only Beyoncé could make.
Entertainment Weekly
If you want to spend your time speculating, cool—that’s your deal. But Beyoncé’s not thinking about that. She’s too busy putting out her boldest, most ambitious, best album to date. Middle fingers up.
Consequence of Sound

Lemonade marks Beyoncé’s most accomplished work yet. It is the perfect combination of the sharp songwriting of 4 with the visual storytelling acumen of her self-titled record. Here, we see Beyoncé fully coming into her own: wise, accomplished, and in defense of herself.

Tiny Mix Tapes

For all the scorn and fireworks, LEMONADE is maybe most remarkable for its capacity for healing ... It’s a work that relishes in the movement of emotionality, the contradictory wrecking-ball feelings that spring from disappointed love, that could turn you to drought if turned from. And it never loses its focus.

The Independent

Lemonade is fiery, insurgent, fiercely proud, sprawling and sharply focused in its dissatisfaction.

The Telegraph

Lemonade is by far Beyoncé’s strongest album.

The Observer

The songs, though, are not just prurient catnip, but actual dynamite – a dazzling series of edgy, but tuneful collaborations with a diverse array of guests.

Spectrum Culture

This is Beyoncé’s best album yet and one of the most compelling cases ever made for the pop album as confessional art form.

It is both album and manifesto, and illustrates the true power of art. The power to conjure back from the dark the voice of people the world has chosen to ignore.
A.V. Club

All over Lemonade, Beyoncé is describing her own personal reality, on her terms and informed by her worldview. That the album simultaneously pushes mainstream music into smarter, deeper places is simply a reminder of why she remains pop’s queen.

‘Lemonade’ is Beyoncé at her most benevolent, and her most unadulterated. Treating her blackness not as an affliction but a celebratory beacon, ‘Lemonade’ is a long overdue, cathartic retribution.

Romantic conflict is nothing new for her, but there is a degree of concentration and specificity, and an apparent disregard for appealing to commercial radio that makes Lemonade a distinct addition to her catalog.

Only days after Prince’s death, Beyoncé gives us a thousand reasons to be optimistic.

The result is an album in which millions will find their own struggles reflected back to them, as therapeutic as it is utterly dazzling. If you've ever been handed lemons, you need Lemonade.

Not since MJ have we gotten to witness a former teen star evolve into a grown-ass one with so much state-of-the-art pop currency, pantheonic ambition, and craft of song.

With all matters of the heart explored in extremely intimate detail it sees Beyoncé back on top of the pop world ready to slay like only she can.

Crack Magazine

Lemonade is so much more than an album; it’s a deep immersion in black art ... Here, Beyoncé is laser-focused on delivering her potent message of empowerment, and she is unafraid.


Lemonade is a stunning album, one that sees her exploring sounds she never has before. It also voices a rarely seen concept, that of the album-length ode to infidelity.

The Guardian

Lemonade ... feels like a success, made by someone very much in control ... Beyonce sounds very much like a woman not to be messed with. 

NOW Magazine

Lemonade is her most out-there album yet – both in the nakedness with which the notoriously private star is seemingly describing marital strife with husband Jay-Z, and in the huge scope of musical influences it encompasses, from wild and raw gospel and blues rock to precisely calibrated R&B.

The 405

Pain is claimed, womanhood is nurtured, blackness is celebrated and family is prioritized and used as weaponry within the textured, often times profane and deeply contextual offering.


‘Lemonade’'s first four tracks are a thrillingly honest sucker-punch from a famously guarded pop star.

In a year when the world’s biggest artists have put their necks on the line - Rihanna’s leave-me-alone, independent streak of ‘Anti’, Kanye West’s scatterbrained ever-changing doodle ‘The Life of Pablo’ - Beyoncé can count herself as a risk-taker breaking new ground, up there with the bravest.

You can argue about whether you’ll hear better pop albums this year and you may very well win that dispute, but Lemonade is that rare work where you will remember exactly where you were and exactly who you were with the first time you heard it. Few albums can lift themselves up to the level of “experiences”, but few albums could ever be considered as bold, complex, or resolute as Lemonade.

The Line of Best Fit

With Lemonade, Beyoncé has caused as much conversation as any single artist possibly could, and provided a one-of-a-kind look into her personal life without sacrificing any of her regality, something only she could do.

Drowned in Sound

Whatever the degree of fictionality of the plot ... Lemonade arrives as a cohesive, masterfully crafted project that resists the ephemerality and disposability of the pop song format.


With its wealth of sonic adventure, its thoughtful merger of the personal and the political, and its four choice guest spots (Jack White; Kendrick Lamar; James Blake; Abel Makkonen Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd), Lemonade is a dazzling example of pooled talent coalescing around an iconic doyenne. There can be little doubt on whose head Prince’s crown should now sit.

God Is in the TV
Instead of shying away from the toughest questions in her personal life, she channels them into a record that’s powerful, evocative and laced with a fine smattering of political commentary.
The Needle Drop
Beyoncé drops her most conceptual and mature album yet--as well as what's likely to be the best pop record of the year.
Slant Magazine

Lemonade, is her most lyrically and thematically coherent effort to date, taking a concept—the breakup album—as old as the LP itself, and reinventing it in both presentation and narrative.

I bet that if this album wasn't made by Beyoncé, everyone would be praising. But it is, so some people keep saying it's "overrated". C'mon, just take a listen to Pray You Catch Me, Don't Hurt Yourself, 6 Inch, Freedom... It deserves the acclaim. Amazing concept too, the (amazing) film made it clearer. I've never heard something like this from Beyoncé; it's so raw and personal you can feel how she suffered with all that happened.
the most fucking user in AOTY : exception
Took them long enough to put this album on Spotify. 3 years i've been waiting to listen to this album after the hype it got in 2017! 3 long years!

This is my first venture with Beyonce's records. Yeah, i've heard the singles (then again, who hasn't?), but i've never listened to Beyone's albums because the image of Beyonce has always been stronger for me then the music on display. However, as soon as I play on this thing, I was taken aback by some of the most beautiful production i've heard in ... read more
It took me a few listens, but yeah, this is a fantastic album, like a more mature and varied version of Rihanna's latest. It's somewhat all over the place stylistically and can sound a bit slick in parts, but the lyrics and vocals come together to paint a pretty bracing portrait of a disintegrating relationship, a bit like Bjork's Vulnicura, but more optimistic. A few top tier beats too, especially on 6 Inch, Freedom and Formation. Beyonce has slowly made herself into one of today's most ... read more
Um marco atemporal na indústria, Beyoncé consegue pela segunda vez consecutiva lançar um album iconico, atemporal e mudou todo o jogo. 'Lemonade' possui um storytelling incrível, todas as músicas foram posicionadas estrategicamente calculado para a sua história. Além da letra impecável onde ela aborda o: racismo, traição, a vivência da mulher negra. Beyoncé faz uma ótima fusão de r&b, pop, rock, ... read more
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