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This list was a bunch of recommendations I wanted to send out to the world. Now I made it so that you can do it too. Doesn't have to be vaporwave, it just needs to follow some rules. #1: Real record ...
Updated 1mo ago188 albums 79
I'm really struggling to figure out and choose what albums to listen to, so, to fix that problem, I've decided to open it up to YOU GUYS! You guys can suggest any album, popular or unknown, from any ...
Updated 3d ago104 albums 17 2022 EP's list: 2021 AOTY: Songs for the Enamel Queen by Black Sheep Wall
Updated 5mo ago174 albumsRanked 5
Pretty self explanatory I’m still in the process of writing about each cover I’ll finish eventually
Updated 1w ago297 albumsRanked 1
Scores of 70+ but only on albums with a small number of user ratings
Updated 3w ago68 albums

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