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Decent. The production is absolutely gorgeous and she has a great voice, but some songs are either so short that it basically ends before it starts or it's way too long and it drags on into mediocrity. Still, I like the fact that she combined pop and rock elements with the country sound and bonus points for sounding quite sincere while doing it. Nice job!

Been To The Mountain 8/10
Light Me Up 8/10
Radio 6/10
Change Of Heart 9/10
County Road 9/10
Time Machine 6/10
Hell In The Heartland ... read more


Margo Price gives a strong and thoughtful performance on her new album Strays.

While country music is not something I gravitate to, I can really appreaciate Margo's focus on the songwriting and atmosphere of this album. So often where country music goes wrong for me is in the commercial, cookie cutter, radio friendly hits. Margo is making music on Strays that feels much more rooted in the foundation of what country music is, rather than attempting to appeal to the largest and/or youngest ... read more


Country has never really been my sort of thing. This album has solid production, I like how some of the songs are structured but some of them did drag on. Having a few songs 5+ mins with this style of music on an album doesn’t really work for me. However that being said and me being a massive hypocrite country road was probably my favourite song in the end. Everything about this is fine but there’s not really anything on here that will make me want to return any time soon


Decent. Honestly a pretty catchy record. A little basic, but charming in a way that doesn't gravitate towards disliking it automatically. While Strays doesn't interest me all that much, it has a nice sound that makes it pretty listenable. There are some highs like Light Me Up and County Road, but some more meh songs like Change Of Heart which I think is repetitive and slightly uninspired but catchy.

I think where this album shines is its catchiness. While some of this album seems slightly ... read more


The album cover really made me believe this could be a great record but it's just so damn ordinary, yet there's s two or three songs I could listen to again, who knows maybe some day.


"Strays" é uma épica história de aventura dos altos e baixos da vida de Margo Price — cantora e compositora norte-americana de música country. Aonde ela é uma narradora personagem e canta com fervor sobre a grande dificuldade que é se encontrar nesse grande mar de gente.


Congrats you’re the best album of 2023 so far, hope it lasts long!


Been To The Mountain - 4/5
Light Me Up - 4/5
Radio - 3/5
Change Of Heart - 4/5
County Road - 5/5 ❤
Time Machine - 3/5
Hell In The Heartland - 3/5
Anytime You Call - 4/5
Lydia - 3/5
Landfill - 4/5


At times sincere, other times bold. Price seems to be singing about my back porch, which is probably why I forgive the multiple mis-steps of the mostly solid batch of tracks. This time, an artist knew exactly what she needed to say; however, could have found a different approach to saying what she needed to say. Sometimes maybe a little less on the nose? Probably will drink to this later.


Que deliciosa surpresa foi o encontro com este álbum! 'Strays' é um registro Country Pop caloroso com belíssimas canções bem produzidas guiadas pela cativante guitarra, sua fiel companheira; 'Light Me Up' é o maior exemplo desse companheirismo quando ganha um solo lindíssimo e viciante, assim como em 'Anytime You Call'. O que também é destaque nesse disco é o potente trabalho vocal de Margo Price que canta sobre sua viagem ... read more


Shocked to see so much people find this underwhelming or even boring, I really liked a lot of the sounds and messages this was going for. It's not a mind-blowing album by any means and I'm sure there will be a lot more promising albums in the future, but I really dug this for someone who has rarely dug into Americana or Country music. I think there are a lot of pleasant sounding songs with good uses of soothing piano and guitar mixed with Margo Price's very expressive singing, which can sound ... read more


Margo Price's blend of country, pop and classic rock aesthetics doesn't do too much for me and nor does her vocal delivery. It's all a bit too cheesy for me. There aren't enough interesting things going on to justify the 5+ minute runtime of some of these tracks (except the tense, string-laden 'Lydia'). Also, Price's chorus melody on 'Change Of Heart' sounds like it was ripped from the bridge from Beach House's 'Myth'. Sharon Van Etten and Lucius were nice additions though.

Favourite Tracks: ... read more


⠀⠀Strays is not really something I would call 'exciting'. For the most part, it's just your usual surprisingly unobnoxious country rock with a pop flavor to it. But, in comparison to other country records, Strays is accompained by a lot of interesting sonic ideas that unfortunately just play the side flute.
⠀⠀The intro sequence is very charming and whimsical, which you can't really say about the rest of Been To The Mountain. Of course, its instrumentals are slightly enrichened in the ... read more


alright, i take it back. THIS is my new favorite album of the year so far. this whole thing made me feel really bubbly and good inside. i'm really interested to check out her other music now. the blending of genres on this was great, and price's songwriting is super lively and charismatic. just an overall great listen.


I have found Margo Price to be a committed songwriter that has produced great music thus far, but her latest album Strays takes more sonic risks than before, that end up broadening her sound and results in maybe her best album yet. Country rock is the most prominent sound found here, with the opener “Been To The Mountain” being a great example of it, as later “Change Of Heart” invoking some Tom Petty vibes, “Hell In The Heartland” harking back to 70’s ... read more


Been To The Mountain: 7.4
Light Me Up: 7.8
Radio: 6.5
Change Of Heart: 7.3
County Road: 7.5
Time Machine: 7.2
Hell In The Heartland: 7.5
Anytime You Call: 8
Lydia: 6.7
Landfill: 6.2


I might have misinterpreted it with the first songs bc they sounded so generic and forgettable to me but as the album reached to its end, I did found some really beautifully interesting sounds that maybe, on a second listen, we'll grow on me.

Fav tracks:
- Lydia
- Hell In The Heartland

Least faves:
- Light Me Up
- Radio


Despite fusing her Americana with elements of psychedelic rock and pop, Margo Price manages to create a cohesive record that was a decent listen. Price's vocal style isn't my usual cup of tea but the songwriting is strong and the instrumentation - in particular the lap steel - is lovely enough to carry the album.

Strays is consistently good, with only the formulaic pop influence on Time Machine feeling slightly out of place with the vibe of the rest of the record. My favourite tracks were ... read more


It admittedly started off kinda rough for me, but after the first two songs it was smooth sailing from there.


There's a lot of potential and star quality in Margo Price. Her incredibly sharp and poignant lyrics, mixed with an outspoken personality, make her one of Nashville's most interesting country artists. And while she has been consistent since her big break in 2016, "Strays" still falls short of what could have been her Emmylou Haris/Country Rock/Joni Mitchell opus.


Muito bem produzido e a primeira grande surpresa do ano que geralmente não se espera do mês de janeiro. A faixa 'Been To The Mountain' em algo me lembrou as composições da Alanis, aliás a Margo realmente me conquistou com suas composições.
#1 Been To The Mountain
#2 Change Of Heart
#3 County Road
#4 Anytime You Call
#5 Radio
#6 Lydia


A heavily flawed yet pretty country album.


While I definitely would’ve preferred the instrumentals to be a bit bolder, Margo Price's songwriting capabilities definitely make this record a more enjoyable experience as a whole.


1. Been To The Mountain 7.2/10
2. Light Me Up 7.8/10
3. Radio 6.6/10
4. Change Of Heart 7.4/10
5. County Road 6.8/10
6. Time Machine 8.0/10
7. Hell In The Heartland 7.6/10
8. Anytime You Call 6.4/10
9. Lydia 7.0/10
10. Landfill 6.7/10


Extremely backloaded, please don’t give up on this album after the first few tracks. On the nose lyricism that paints a jarring picture of rural America. I wish instrumentals were more forward in the mix, those steel guitar wails are far too subdued. Production is also often too sparse, I wish Price would’ve hammed it the fuck up. A good overall effort, not a great one, but certainly on track and worth an evening of your time.

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