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I’m catching up on my ARTV-core lol. But really my full 40 minute reaction and review is on my YouTube channel

This album is massive not only from a sonic standpoint but through phenomenal writing and songs that are passionate and bombastic beyond belief. This album is a phenomenal statement that shows that emo music can be done right and it isn’t always a pissing contest of who can be the most edgy
why the fuck does everyone have to be so edgy. this album is great
There are many albums that change people. Some point to "Dark Side Of The Moon" or "Thriller" or many other great records. But for me, it's MCR's crazy, explosive, off the wall and perfectly intense tale of woe and death that changed something. Maybe in me, maybe in the world, and possibly both.

Favorite Jams: Everything (Especially Mama, Sleep, This Is How I Disappear)

Lest Favorite: Disenchanted
best three year character arc

EDIT: I do think that The Black Parade is a masterpiece and on top of that, it does fucking bang

I don't think that The Black Parade is a masterpiece or anything like that, but it does fucking bang
This album means a lot to me. It might not be perfect but it helped me in a way no other album ever did.
Frankly, it was not won. I must say that I was never a big fan of pop punk and emo. But a friend managed to convince me to listen to the famous "The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance, considered as a classic of the genre, so why not ... And I admit that it's not a bad album, it's even a good surprise! So it's a opera-rock album that mixes alternative rock, pop punk and pop rock and contains some of the most iconic songs of the band and the musical genre. It's a treat from start to ... read more
Out of all the albums that have helped me through my life, I've never mentioned a single "emo" record. So, as the emo hipster whatever I am, I should review "The Black Parade". Like "Twin Fantasy" or "OK Computer", this record has impacted me a lot. I have a red streak in the front of my hair, but that's just a cosmetic change rather than an important one. The real thing that impacted me was its view on death, which struck a huge chord with me.

The ... read more

Edit: I wrote a whole re-review. Right? and i close the page. and. guess what? it doesn't ask me for confirmation. I was closing out my tabs quickly and never noticed. So screw it. Top 10 favorite album? yes.

I wrote that ( ^ ) when i thought i was going to rate this in the 60s. But holy is this really good. Like how is this so good? I'm generally not a fan of rock at all but this just hits different than stuff i've heard before. VERY epic ablum. Probably ... read more
I fell for it. Fuck this shit. Sounds like Queen and any generic pop punk band thrown into a blender and then made even more embarrassingly childish and "edgy".
The Black Parade is an adrenaline fueling, exciting, cartoony, beautiful roller coaster of emotions, and is by far my favourite album ever made. The writing is superb, and the musicianship from all the members of My Chemical Romance is amazing.
This is the album that got me into rock music (yes, it's a rock album, not an emo album, fight me). It tells the story of a dying cancer patient.
There are so many great songs in this album; there are some that are great to bop to (Dead!; Mama), some ... read more

"Somebody get this motherfucker a smoothie." -Coke Machine Glow

The cartoonish-like energy that contaminated the project is what sells this album for me, the staggering guitars and unforgettable lyrical ability is what has made "The Black Parade" something legendary, something to long for... for hundreds of years to come. Not a single moment is wasted, and the world that My Chemical Romance has painted here is so vivid and lucid.

Really just one of (if not) ... read more
Decided to take a trip down memory lane and for once I don't regret it! Although not without its flaws, The Black Parade is a really good album and executes its concept really well. To get to my relationship with it, it's just insane to me how I still know every song by heart despite not having heard it in well over a year which for me is both the blink of an eye and a lifetime. It's funny to think that without MCR, I probably wouldn't be into music, at least not in the same way that I am now. ... read more
Daily October Horror


It's crazy seeing the public do a 180 on these guys, at least in my eyes. I thought they were a joke, a laughingstock. I thought the usual response to MCR fans was that they were children and edgy teens. But then when I started getting more into music I found that this album was super loved and respected as the grand artists of the 21st century. And all I could say was....huh.....that's kinda cool.

This is a concept album to the full extent of the word. A full ... read more
While I do think this has some flaws, (one of them being how edgy this album can get at times,) but still, this is still a fantastic album! It was ton of energy, it can be sonically impressive at times, and the story/concept is really tight and doesn’t miss a beat, this album is a good example for how to make an emo album that still fantastic despite how edgy it can be, (unlike an album I’ll be reviewing tomorrow...) Anyways, pretty fantastic album and one of the best rock albums of ... read more

favorites: the end, dead!, welcome to the black parade, i dont love you, house of wolves, cancer, mama, sleep, teenagers, disenchanted, famous last words, blood

least favorites: this is how i disappear, the sharpest lives
Going into this album, I expected mostly emo pandering, because the fanbase kind of gives that idea. However after a couple of listens to this album, my expectation were completely wrong. This has to be one of my favorite albums I've ever heard.

The story in this album works so well. This album tells the story of a cancer patient, all the different emotion the patient feels, and flashbacks to the patients past. In the past, the patient seemed to be not that great of a person, so in the ... read more
I avoided this because I thought it would be pretty terrible, until I started seeing it on more and more on people's (who I respect) top lists or ratings. Tbh, the biggest thing that bothered me about MCR was people always tied them in with "emo music" which I didn't think they were at all. I think people use emo too loosely, and it irks me because it's one of my favorite genres. This is not emo (although, this is the only record I've heard of there's) but it's definitely good. ... read more
Edit: The more I hear this, the more I realize how much of a borderline masterpiece it is. Everything is so tight, the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentals, the flow, everything is so fucking excellent. Love it love it love it!

Paying homage to the likes of The Wall and Quadrophrenia, My Chemical Romance add their own stylish flair to the rock opera idea on Welcome to the Black Parade. The story of the album isn't as linear to me through the lyrics as the classic rock operas are, but they do ... read more
Arguably one of the best rock albums of the 00's, definitely one of the most representatives of a whole generation.
It's an album that probably none of us thought that people would be acclaimed nowadays, but here we are, and it's not something to feel guilty about, The Black Parade is a GREAT album. It's a concept album that is hugely impactful both on the ears, and on the heart, with some phenomenal songwriting leading into topics like depression, death, nihilism and reclusion, everything ... read more
Fuck "Teenagers", All my homies hate "Teenagers"
I can't think of a more formative album from my childhood than this record. Back in 2006 when this was released I was heavily entrenched in the emo scene as a piss baby 12 year old emo kid. I painted my nails black, I had long hair, I had a bad tag on Myspace, I wore nothing but band tees, and I listened to emo music non-stop. Among those albums, none got replayed as many times as My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade.

My Chemical Romance was at the forefront of the emo scene back in this ... read more
I was gonna rate this a 72 but fuck the song teenagers
With the recent news about My Chemical Romance reuniting, I decided to revisit this album, which I haven’t heard in its entirety in about four years. This album is still as amazing as I remember.
The story of the album is about a man who dies and the reflection on his life and experiences in the afterlife. The concept, combined with Gerard’s empowering vocals and the coarse yet melodic instrumentals, definitely make this album an emo classic.
This is one of my personal favorite ... read more
I will never understand why the average rating for this album is so high on this website.
(Original Score: 98. Fuck it. If I have to give *one* album a perfect 100 on this site, it’s The Black Parade. My Chemical Romance announced that they’re reuniting today. This album was already perfection, but now I feel the time is right.)

One of my favourite albums of all time. For all the shit the “emo” movement got in the mid-2000’s, deserved or not, The Black Parade holds up incredibly as a monument to the genre and concept albums as a whole. Sonically ... read more
Never liked Emo Music
An undeniable masterpiece, The Black Parade contains everything I want in a rock album and then some. I loved this album from my first listen back in 2017, and it only gets better with age.
Gerard is a phenomenal vocalist (even Fantano says so) and he proves his talent in this album. While not my favourite singer in the world, he nails everything from the blistering screams of “Sleep” to the mellow and sombre mourning of songs like “Cancer” or ... read more
This shit goes harder than my dick.

Easily one of the best rock records of the 2000s.
A friend posted a tweet about this album today... It reminded me that I USED TO BE EMO! And MCR was one of my favourite bands... And this album... This album is something else... :'(
In my opinion, this gets a bit too much hate for simply being emo, because there is a lot that Black Parade does that their contemporaries wish they were capable of doing. The songwriting doesn't drag and makes the album feel a lot more grand than I had originally anticipated. The production and composition of Black Parade's tracks definitely gives the record its edge, even if it's not spectacular every moment. I do love this record and although I believe this has not aged too well for me and ... read more
Top Favorite: Welcome To The Black Parade
Other Favorites: I Don't Love You, Famous Last Words, Dead!
Least Favorite: Blood
I really enjoyed this project. My Chemical Romance wasn't really my thing, cause I had only heard Teenagers and I didn't like at first. But when I watched Bradley's first reaction to it my curiosity got the best of me and I gave it a chance. And I'm really glad I did cause this album is really great. It's themes and subject matter are excecuted so well that it isn't in any way cringy but really intruiging instead. I absolutely love this album.

AMAZING TRACKS: "End.", ... read more
The direction of the concept was very disappointing because I was so entranced by the gorgeously performed, sarcastic and sinisterly dark themes on the first ten tracks. As much as teenagers and famous last words are fantastic songs, they don't provide positively to the story which had me hooked. It's basically the infinity war of emo albums, why did they have to make that last ditch attempt for a cheesy, cliché "not afraid to keep on living" ending? (But in all honesty, a song ... read more
This is one of my favourite albums of all time. There’s just something so goddamn grand and beautiful about it. If I go a month or more without listening to it, and then I come back to it, I get chills and feel like I’m experiencing this amazing record for the first time all over again. The concept is pulled off almost perfectly.

Favourite Tracks: Sleep, Mama, Welcome To The Black Parade

Least Favourite Track: Disenchanted
easily the best thing to come out of the 2000s emo wave, what an album man
As far as emo music goes, this is as good as it gets. The soundtrack to my teenage years, pretty much, as I'm sure many people would also state. Great concept behind the narrative, great delivery from Gerard, runs a vast emotional range on different tracks, uses diverse instrumentation and is very well mixed with a clear sound and memorable choruses that really pop through. All killer no filler apart from Disenchanted, maybe.

Seeing as this is my favourite album of all time, I should give this a proper review.

The Black Parade is one of those albums which can change a life. I know this because it changed mine, and for the better. This is the album that first got me into music about a year ago (I got into music really late tbh). It blew me away the first time I heard it, and I still jam to it every so often.

From the opening tracks, The End and Dead!, it's immediate that this album is gonna be a journey. Within the ... read more
This shit is fucking amazing, like, for real, this is questionably not just the best emo album ever, but one of the best rock albums of the 2000s. The concept is done in an almost perfect way, each song complements even more the story of the album and the lyrics are also great! The instrumentals are incredible and Gerard's vocals tho I understand are not for everyone, for me actually sounds pretty good most of the time.
The whole album (except for Disenchanted) just bangs for me, the climax, in ... read more
While I personally enjoy Three Cheers more, this is a fucking monumental album which shows MCR's capabilities as a band to the fullest degree. From the lyrics to the vocals to the instrumentation, it's a fantastic record. Probably MCR's magnum opus, and cohesively their tightest project. I mean Welcome to the Black Parade is still a fucking battle cry for emo's 12 years later.

Favorite songs: This Is How I Disappear, Welcome to the Black Parade, Mama, Sleep, Famous Last Words

Least favorite ... read more
(previous score 90)
"Pop emo" at its finest. I don't really listen to this anymore but it's still the shit and imo was really well crafted for what it was going for, and that some concept albums these days just won't be like this as they will have ambition but nothing to back it up like this album managed to do.

EDIT: This is one of those albums I can keep coming back to and actually appreciate unlike some of my old favourite kinda bad emo bands I was into a few years ago. This is ... read more
The second half of this LP was way more intriguing to me than the first. MCR has never been my style, but I can see myself exploring their music furthermore.

Good tracks:

Teenagers (90)
WTTBP (90)
Blood (87)
TIHID (86)
Very happy that everyone is acknowledging how awesome this album is. We'll carry on baybeeeeee.

Fav Tunes:
1.) Mama
2.) Sleep
3.) Welcome to the Black Parade
This was one of the first albums that got me into music, but it still holds up so well today. Like ughh i love it so much to it's full capacity.

Best tracks : This Is How I Disappear, The Sharpest Lives, Dead!, Cancer, Mama, Famous Last Words, Sleep

Worst track : welcome to the black parade
I love this album, and suspect I always will.
i've had a complete change of heart on this album. i used to not like this because it was a fusion of two things i don't like: pop punk and emo. i also really didn't like the vocals. but after giving this a relisten, wow. i am legitimately impressed. the vocals grew on me and the technical level of the playing is pretty solid. if i say that i like not only a pop punk album, but an emo pop punk album, best believe it's the best one ever created. what an eye opening experience this relisten was. ... read more

This is another album that I wanted to re-review because my original review SUCKED. The Black Parade is one of the greatest emo albums ever made...if you can call it that. While it's got elements of pop punk and alt-rock that were prevalent in many emo bands of MCR's time (as well as being the band of choice for millions of emo kids worldwide), it lacked the melodrama and trendiness that made many of those bands so forgettable. My Chem also ran leagues around them when it came to ... read more
Full of beautiful bangers
This is definitely my second favourite concept album of all time and definitely in my top 5 albums as of now. Describing the concept is quite difficult and it takes a few lsitens and some reading up to fully get everything, but i strongly recommend doing so. Even if you don't listen to lyrics, this is easily the best pop punk album of all time just purely based on the instrumentals. There is so much character to this record and the energy is unmatched. The vivid describtions of this characters ... read more
this albums jams to this day. not much to say about it that hasn't been said, but i've had quite a great time with it. 3 years since i heard it the first time. genius work.
teenage angst done right
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