A Weird Exits
Oh Sees - A Weird Exits
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Thee Oh Sees are always the same but different, drifting through genres before twisting them out of shape ... On A Weird Exits, they do this more successfully than ever before, with Dwyer taking the band into pulsing dance rhythms and Krautrock as he explores the rich, crackling rhythmic potential of the group’s new two-drummer lineup.


Thee Oh Sees push their normal cartoonishly unhinged garage punk into new krautrock-inspired levels of madness on A Weird Exits.

Pretty Much Amazing
Expanding their lineup with a second drummer, Thee Oh Sees are allowed to stretch their sound and release one of their most cosmic, trippiest records yet.
Under The Radar

Thee Oh Sees are not a band that will ever seriously reconsider their dynamics, and nor should they. A Weird Exits just goes to show that some bands are so vital to their scene that they never need to change.

‘A Weird Exits’, the San Franciscan mob’s latest, is another idiosyncratic serving of synthed-up garage rawk that suggests a brisk workrate needn’t lead to a lack of quality control.

With Mutilator, and now this album, the band is firing on all cylinders and then some, making psych-prog-metal-punk jams for the ages.

Thee oh Sees have never done ‘Thee oh Sees’ quite as well as they do here, a riot of lucid cacophony, androgyny, glowing vignettes of loveliness, and two drummers caught in the most sublime lockstep.
The Guardian
It’s less a weird exit and more a brawny re-entry.
The group may be old hat at this by now, but they remain relatively unsung heroes.
This one may be the most proper representation of their live shows and tendency to groove out that they've set loose into the world to date.
The Needle Drop
Prolific garage rock outfit Thee Oh Sees drop one of their best records in years.

Even when their pendulum is swinging at a steadier pace, Thee Oh Sees still have the power to hypnotize—but from its twitchy jams to its blown-out power ballads, A Weird Exits’ most intriguing moments come when they break the trance.

Consequence of Sound

There’s nothing in A Weird Exits that signals a massive change in the future of Thee Oh Sees, nor does it stand head and shoulders above their catalog. Instead it’s one of many great records they’ve produced and one that shows a refinement and strengthening in John Dwyer’s guitar and voice and one that will continue to fill mosh pits the world over.

The Line of Best Fit

There isn’t much to separate A Weird Exits from its 16 predecessors, although it does take elements of their renowned sound and push it to its limits like never before.

The previous two records were great, tangled rock records. But there’s a subtle, exciting shift on this record that breathes new life in Thee Oh Sees’ sound, no small feat on the project’s umpteenth album.
Drowned in Sound

A Weird Exits feels like the first time in a while that Dwyer has chosen to take a lurch forward rather than a small step.

Nov 20, 2016
I'm really tired of Thee Oh Sees. In fact, they don't have a single album that I like it entirely.

This one is different, though. This is probably the only album they recorded that's as good as their only cohesive album (Floating Coffin). The songs are long, but they're dynamic, spacy and psychedelic - Just as we want them. Oh, not to mention the guitars. They're just juicy as fuck.

The problem is, maybe, only one thing: They kinda did this one million times before. The difference here is ... read more
Nov 19, 2016
Thee Oh Sees's A Weird Exits has surprising electro psychedelic breaks that leave an impact for a few seconds and then it vanishes. The production is strong, the instruments are melodic and on point, but it still seemed just fine. My biggest complain is the vocals, I just can't bear them, I feel lie they don't belong in any part of the record and that's why I ended up liking more the instrumental ones. It'd have been more interesting to see them taking a bit more risks, even though that's what ... read more
Aug 12, 2016
What the hell, Thee Oh Sees?! First Ty Segall makes a great album this year and now this? You're supposed to make boring music again so I can make fun of you guys!

Favourite tracks: Ticklish Warrior, Jammed Entrance, The Axis
Aug 11, 2016
Pretty enjoyable.
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#1/Drift Records
Track List
  1. Dead Man’s Gun
  2. Ticklish Warrior
  3. Jammed Entrance
  4. Plastic Plant
  5. Gelatinous Cube
  6. Unwrap the Fiend Pt. 2
  7. Crawl Out From the Fall Out
  8. The Axis

Added on: May 25, 2016