My Bloody Valentine - m b v
Critic Score
Based on 36 reviews
2013 Ratings: #5 / 952
Year End Rank: #5
User Score
Based on 500 ratings
2013 Ratings: #20
February 3, 2013 / Release Date
LP / Format
Self-Released / Label
Kevin Shields / Producer
Shoegaze, Dream Pop / Genres
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Consequence of Sound

m b v creates a new timeline for My Bloody Valentine, and one that recalls the past in a broader and bolder light.

Pretty Much Amazing

Just as Loveless refined and expanded on the elements of early My Bloody Valentine, mbv draws on the past without forgoing the fierce originality that has defined the band from the outset. 

FACT Magazine

So un-self conscious and plain true is the rendering that it’s as if they unlearned those 22 years in order to feel how it was the first time; the final outcome is a peerlessly vivid depiction of an era MBV were integral in defining.


My Bloody Valentine successfully followed up a decades-old classic with m b v, an album that stands as confidently, beautifully and masterfully composed as its predecessor.

Under The Radar

If anything, the opening two-thirds of the album are the perfect re-submergence into the band's sound before m b v takes a turn for the sublime on its final three tracks. 


While m b v is a record that is more than capable of standing on its own, at the same time it also sounds exactly like the sort of thing that we might have expected My Bloody Valentine to produce two decades ago, and this noticeable lack of allegiance to the present is perhaps the most potent thing about this entire revisionist affair. 


Where Loveless felt effortless, mbv strains, pushing at its boundaries with a sense of pensive gloom. 

A.V. Club

Regardless of whether it’s an echo of the past or a bridge to the future, MBV stands as something potentially timeless—and immediately breathtaking.

The 405

m b v accomplishes the rare feat of being both timeless and in-the-moment; sounding like a '92 or '93 follow-up to Loveless would have sounded while simultaneously feeling as modern as any 2013 album with a RIYL: My Bloody Valentine on the press sheet.


It represents Shields and the band’s own fractious, turbulent journey from the creative hangover of Loveless into producing something entirely new, in turn leaving you thrilled and rather moved indeed

Beats Per Minute

A fully conceptualized 45 minutes of music that both logically progresses the triumphs of its predecessor and doesn’t feel out of place in the musical landscape of 2013. 

The Line of Best Fit

It triumphs not as a continuation of a musical conversation that Isn’t Anything and Loveless began, but by forging its own distinct modern dialogue, one that at once sounds rooted in its own imaginative time and place, perhaps even dimension, with any telling outside influences dissipating as soon as the songs truly take their pleasurable hold.


Although it may not necessarily build on Loveless, there's no audible reason m b v shouldn't be spoken of in the same hushed, venerating tones.

Slant Magazine

A few twists and turns shy of perfection, m b v is the innovation and sonic warmth of My Bloody Valentine rekindled and made anew.


The rhythms are tighter and more martial; the guitars are sharper, less tremolo'ed and blurred; the sounds a bit crisper. But with many of the songs, you can almost identify the song or moment from "Loveless" that is being evoked.


m b v seems like both the "logical next step" after Loveless (as if bands were subject to teleological pressures) and utterly contemporary.

No Ripcord

mbv follows its predecessor without aggrandizing its past resources, and as such, delivers a wallop of sweet, sweet distortion in a way that comes naturally to them.


There's clearly something here, there's an evolution in what Shields is doing. But, is it any good? Yes. Is it better than 'Loveless'? Probably not – and it's unfair to compare it to a predecessor that we've had two decades to live with and love. 

Drowned in Sound

The album’s major problem, more than anything, is that such a flabbergastingly brilliant end stretch hints at a better record that might have been


‘m b v’ needs to be digested like chewing gum, left to swirl around in your system for months or years, before anyone will really be able to gauge how it measures up to ‘Isn’t Anything’ or ‘Loveless’.


More comforting than revelatory, M B V reaffirms that My Bloody Valentine are one of a kind; the subtlety to their melodies, instrumentation, and the way they blur together belongs to them alone.

Tiny Mix Tapes

It certainly speaks volumes that the group could reemerge in this climate and prove that no one is capable of exactly replicating what they do.

Time Out London

‘m b v’ is a brilliant record – every bit as dreamily turbulent as you’d hope – but it’s not simply a sequel.


m b v stretches My Bloody Valentine’s sound without changing it much, and you may not be surprised to find out this is an excellent headphones record.


My Bloody Valentine still sound like no other band, but they’re stretching out to a large degree on this album, making their sound even more texturally dense.

Jan 28, 2018
Top Favorite: New You
Other Favorites: She Found Now, If I Am, Who Sees You
Least Favorite: Nothing Is
Mar 24, 2016
m b v is far from another loveless, or even being on that level, but it brings some very enjoyable tracks that are almost worth the over 20 year wait for new material. the vocals are dry where the instrumentals shine, and the vocals are also drowned out below the instrumentals, in the version i have it seems like the mixing was off. had to pay extra attention, but thats my only real complaint. m b v is an album that left me content after i finished it, but i was also yearning for more.
fav ... read more
Jul 27, 2018
Of course it’s not up to the standards of Loveless but I don’t think anyone expected it to be. They definitely try some different approaches to their sound here and they work sometimes and others they don’t. There’s definitely a greater emphasis on drums which I think gives the album a more unique sonic identity than I expected. I feel like in trying to be more experimental the band has lost their ear for pop melodies and song structure, one of Loveless’s biggest ... read more
Jul 25, 2018
May 15, 2018
I know kevin is the perfectionist
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